5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Slow Fashion

by Code Crew

2020 has been an eye opener in terms of environmental change.

As we all sat in our homes in lockdown, unable to go out because of COVID 19, what we saw, was the actual damage we’ve been causing to the environment. With human beings locked up in buildings, nature finally got a chance to flourish.
But unfortunately, it did not last long.
As we started leaving our deadly carbon footprints again, an alarming truth was unveiled – that the dangerous impact of climate change and global warming, that we all thought would be borne by our next generation, is not far away.

Believe it or not, fashion is one of the major contributors of environmental damage. Studies have shown that almost 20% of globally produced waste water is by the fashion industry, along with 10% of the total amount of global carbon emissions.

Slow fashion

And talking about environmental concerns, estimates suggest that almost 19 million premature deaths occur each year due to environmental risk factors like pollution.

If these numbers don’t scare you, here are 5 very important reasons why you should switch to slow fashion right now!

Sustainable fashion helps save natural resources by a large margin

According to statistics, making new clothes constitutes 97% of new resources, whether that is in terms of material, or cloth dyes, or processing chemicals or even fertilizers used in growing natural fibres. Considering the number of new collections released by fast fashion brands every year, this means that at least 98 million tons of new resources are being depleted every year.

Recycled clothes on the other hand, not only make efficient use of already used resources, but also eliminate a large amount of waste. Recycled fabrics need significantly less numbers of virgin resources in terms of oils and chemicals.

Sustainable fashion saves resources

Ethical fashion helps save precious animal lives

The PETA constantly publishes hundreds of articles on how the fashion industry ruthlessly violates animal rights to create gorgeous outfits. To give you a gist if it, studies have shown that the leather market alone is responsible for slaughtering almost 430 million animals every year. At this rate, we will be left with a world with no more innocence, very soon.

Experts in sustainable fashion have devised methods and techniques to produce cruelty-free alternatives to every animal based product used in clothing. For example, leather made from pineapple leaves, silk produced from yeast, wool created using vegan bio-degradable chemicals and many more. By switching to such sustainable fashion choices you will effectively be giving back our animals the right to live.

Sustainable fashion is cruelty free

Sustainable fashion immensely helps save water

As mentioned earlier, water is heavily used in the fashion industry for different purposes including dyeing, and other finishing processes. It is estimated that a single T shirt alone takes almost 2700 litres of water in its production. And the level of water required for cotton products is even more.

Organic cotton and other fabrics linen and hemp apparently require up to 91% less water when compared to conventionally produced cotton. In comparison to synthetically produced fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics are way less in use currently. And out of cotton, organically produced cotton constitutes and even lesser margin. It’s time to make the switch and raise the demand for these materials.

Sustainable fashion saves water

Sustainable fashion helps reduce your carbon footprint

Needless to say, mass manufacture of clothes produces an unbelievably large amount of greenhouse gases every year, owing to synthetically made fabrics like polyester and nylon. These materials use petroleum based products and other chemicals causing much more potentially harmful gases than natural or recycled products.

Sustainable and natural fabrics on the other hand are not only bio-degradable, but also require little to no amount of chemical treatment. This means that it helps save water, energy and also causes much less pollution.

Sustainable fashion reduces carbon footprint

Sustainable fashion is better for people too

Fast fashion produces quick collections at very affordable prices because of one reason – low cost labor. Brands often make use of unskilled laborers from developing countries, making them work for long hours at very low pay rates.

Sustainable fashion or slow fashion pays its workers ethically and provides fair and safe working conditions for them as well. By choosing to go ethical, you will be splurging on clothes that have not exploited workers in its making.

Sustainable fashion helps workers

Educate your friends on these facts. Take action right now.

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