7 Major Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

by Bhagya L

Consumerism reached an all-time high at the start of 2020. As a silver lining to the great pandemic that happened throughout the year though, thankfully people found comfort in old sweatpants and jumpers. It reminded us all of the poison that is creeping upon us in the form of fast fashion and unsustainable ways. And it made us re-think our priorities.

Sustainable fashion is all about making the best use of the least amount of resources, and re-using already exhausted resources. Hence, a versatile, clean and classic wardrobe is what you need – a limited number of pieces that you can reuse and re-purpose in many ways.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the trends that we see all over social media and magazines, that we feel compelled to own everything all at once. Of course, it is the essence of consumerism.

But it’s time to make a conscious effort to change. And here is a way for you to start small.

These are 7 major must have pieces to have in your wardrobe. These are classic and timeless pieces that you can wear at any time of the year. Mix and match and have some fun.

A white dress shirt

Sustainable fashion white shirt

A white dress shirt is no doubt a versatile and essential outfit. You can dress it down or dress it up any way you wish to. You can wear it to an interview or a nice dinner with family or friends or even a day out with girls. You can pull down the sleeves, tuck in the bottom into your bra and make it an off shoulder crop top. Wear a statement necklace and make it extravagant. You can open up the first few buttons, add a cami top inside and wear it with denims for a casual look too. Clearly the possibilities are endless with a white shirt.

Blue denim jeans

Sustainable fashion denim jeans

Classic blue washed denims are a timeless essential for sure. To keep it extra versatile, try to go for clean look ankle length jeans. Distressed and frayed hemlines can render your look too casual for certain occasions. Clean look jeans on the other hand can be used to create even semi-formal looks, if you pair it with say loafers or block heel Oxford shoes. A sleek belt and a clutch purse can further enhance your look. Casuals don’t need explanation – you can wear just about anything to create a nice outfit look.

A trench coat

Sustainable fashion trench coat

Trench coats are sort of on the expensive side. But we all know they are an asset to keep – not just as a fashion item but also as an essential piece to keep you protected from the cold or the sun. A neutral colored long trench coat that goes with all outfits would be your best bet, as they are going to be a top notch layering pieces. There is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than wearing cute jumpers or crop tops with trench coats and scarves.

White sneakers

Sustainable fashion white sneakers

Sneakers are another classic and timeless footwear piece to have in the coming fashion seasons. The previous Summer, Fall and Winter fashion seasons have all made one thing clear – that anything and everything goes with white sneakers. Think satin skirts, formal blazer and trouser suit sets, long flowy maxi dresses or even cycle shorts – they all go perfectly with sneakers.

A little black dress

Sustainable fashion little black dress

No wardrobe essentials list is complete with a little black dress. Once again a timeless piece to invest in, LBDs can make you look well put together any day any time. You can dress it up with statement sleeves or a statement necklace and heels. You can also dress it down with sneakers and hoop earrings. Whether it is a dinner date or a formal office party, LBDs will have you covered.

A basic T shirt

Sustainable fashion basic T shirt

T shirts are a woman’s best friend. Invest in a slightly oversized graphic or printed T shirt to maximise its versatility. On days when you feel bloated and un-sexy, you can wear the T shirt as such and hide your bloated tummy. On days when you feel extra beautiful and sexy, you can tie up the end in a classic middle knot or a side knot and pair it with denims for a girl next door look.

Flats or heels

Sustainable fashion flats heels

Depending on your personality you can choose this last piece. If you are more of a “flats are comfortable” kind of a girl, then by all means, invest in a good classic pair of preferably neutral colored flat footwear. If you are more of a style lover, and if you always tend to go to sophisticated dinners and office parties, then heels it is. Closes toe heels would be your best bet, as they are both office friendly and aptly casual.

As difficult as it may be initially, try narrowing down your wardrobe with a few pieces of each of these categories, and gradually minimise your fashion consumption. You will make the world a better place to live in.

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