7 Ways a Fashion Brand Can Give Back

by Bhagya L

During difficult times, a few socially responsible companies in fashion often come up with interesting ways to give back to the community. For example, throughout last year, a number of brands donated funds and set up support groups for people affected by different crisis – not just COVID – 19 but also the #BLM movement.

A lot of brands also took to sharing and promoting black owned projects in fashion as well.

Good deeds indeed come in many ways and it’s important to embrace such goodness at all times; not just during times of crisis.

Especially in this day and age, when the world at large is at risk of becoming unliveable, or ending for all we know because of climate changes, global warming, environmental degradation, general destruction, technological singularity and what not, there is a need for brands irrespective of the industry to step forward and take action for good.

If you own or run a fashion brand, here are 10 ways in which you can give back to your community and do some good.

7 ways to give back


Start a recycle wing

Sustainable fashion - ways to give back

A few brands like H&M have already spearheaded this initiative – it involves partnering with recycling organizations and inviting store visitors as well as general brand customers to donate old clothes that they no longer use. It is one of the best ways to promote customers to recycle, as it makes the job easy for them. It also provides the immense satisfaction of having been able to reduce waste.

Conduct food drives

This involves partnering with a local food bank or just collectively organizing drives where you encourage your employees to bring some food and conduct a drive to feed people in need. It is something that is commonly done during holidays considering that people in need may not have the luxury of being able to eat a meal, or having a family to share it with.
However you can conduct food drives every once a week or once in a month in different areas.

Donate a part of your proceeds

This is something that a lot of brands already do. Launch specific collections of products where a portion of the sales proceeds from them will be given directly to support a particular cause. It could be anything from providing education for children in downtrodden communities, providing food for the homeless, ensuring sanitation facilities for rural communities etc. You can also set up donations for all your products.
Such practices also act as an excellent promotion for your product as well, as people will be all the more excited to be a part of a good cause.

Plant trees

Sustainable fashion - ways to give back

This one involves either partnering with a local NGO or environmental organization, or even getting your hands dirty yourself. Conduct “plant a tree” events where a certain portion of all sales is spent on buying seeds, fertilizers or plants etc. and planting them in different areas in the city with permission of course.

Start a company piggy bank facility

Sustainable fashion - ways to give back

This is a method by which you can further support your team or encourage them to come together as a support group for a common cause. Start a piggy bank and place it in your office where your staff members can add in extra cash as and when they can. At the end of the collection period, you can either use it to support one of your team member’s endeavours or collectively use it for any other purpose.


Every once in a while you can have your team members volunteer for help in local organizations for different purposes. It could be anything from reading books for the elderly at your local palliative care to teaching English for kids in rural areas or anything else where you can contribute some of your time free of cost.


Sustainable fashion - ways to give back

You can sponsor events, or sports teams or associations or even videos for up and coming creators in the digital age. You can invite applications, conduct contests or any kind of screening for the applications and decide what event to sponsor for. And you can sponsor anything from products, to services to just help or even money.


If you own a fashion brand, make a conscious effort to bring in change and adopt at least one of the above 7 practices to do good for the world. We are in urgent need of more kind hearts to stitch back the damage that is already done.

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