Combining Creativity With Sustainability – Goldfire London

by Bhagya L

If there’s one thing that brings immense peace and hope in the fashion world, it’s the emergence of promising sustainable, ethically fair fashion brands. It’s essentially what keeps the fashion world going at this point – brands that stand for rigid ethos, principles and sustainable ways of operation, not ready to compromise anything to get a bigger customer base.

We definitely need more of such brands now in this day and age, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

A brand that is more than just fashion – offering a wide range of exclusive and one-of-a-kind products in fashion, home and life style – Goldfire London.

A family owned and operated London based brand that primarily deals with the fashion, Goldfire London is currently run by its third generation of fashion lovers and designers – mother daughter power duo Paulette and Charmaine.

Together they put their heart and soul into making a wide range of fashion items including outfits, accessories, jewelry and one off items, and home ware products including décor and utility pieces.

Sustainable fashion brand luxury fashion brand

So what makes them different from other contemporary fashion and lifestyle brands?

They make everything with sustainable raw materials, using sustainable ways and with love.

The epitome of creativity

Creativity literally runs in the family for the Goldfire team.

Paulette is a super talented interior designer with more than 40 years of experience in putting together colors, textures and shapes. And Charmaine on the other hand is a graphic designer who has more than 20 years of experience to her credit in the fashion industry.

Clearly, the mother and daughter share a common love for everything creative and are experts in the art of creating flattering designs. Unsurprisingly, both of them also possess a fantastic eye for detail, especially when it comes to their own brand.

Together they’ve designed a number of elements under their brand namely clothes, accessories and home ware, each of them created with fabulous design prowess, high quality fabrics and one-of-a-kind silhouettes.

Sustainable fashion brand luxury fashion brand

Featured Model: Lois S. Elise

Creativity and sustainability are two sides of the same coin

The Goldfire team believes that it is definitely possible to be a luxury brand and be environmentally responsible, contrary to popular notion. Hence they go above and beyond to do everything it takes to not let their brand take a toll on the society and on the environment.

They produce or manufacture all of their products entirely in-house, and they have industry experts doing the job so as to put their materials to the best use, and reduce wastage.

Sustainable fashion brand luxury fashion brand

Speaking of fabrics, they use only mixtures of cuts, recycled and vintage fabrics for all of their products, making sure to be sustainable in their usage and not employ too many of any resource in their manufacturing processes. They also use a unique African tribal print cotton material which they source from local Africa shops, as a part of their efforts to support and encourage small businesses.
Their jewelry pieces on the other hand are outsourced from a talented local jewelry designer, who is very particular about using ethical raw materials in her products.

Sustainable fashion brand luxury fashion brand

Above everything, they also make sure to produce most of their collections in limited amounts, so as not to encourage mass use of products, inevitably resulting in wastage. They mostly work on a made to order basis, and produce pieces that are one off or 3 at max, as a result of which their products are always in high demand.

Lastly, as a part of their thoughtful sustainable methods, they make a conscious effort to use only environmentally friendly packaging, which is one of their important goals for 2021.

Their collection

Their collections are always limited edition, which makes each of their pieces all the more desirable and in demand. They carry a good collection of amazing kimonos and capes, featuring colorful traditional African prints as well as contemporary designs, intricately crafted jewelry in wooden and bohemian designs, exquisite accessories such as hats and turbans and a number of one off items made to order.

Sustainable fashion brand luxury fashion brand

They also carry home ware, and unique home décor items with high value, such as artwork and painting, cushions, succulents etc.

Some of their best sellers include the Blue Sky Floral Oriental Inspired Print Silky Kimono, the Gold and Black Sequin Vintage Style T Dress, the Green Floral African Batik Graphic Print Handmade cushion cover, the Gold Sequin lace vintage style turban hat and the Orange Tribal Print Blazer Dress With Belt.

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