Ethical Fashion Trends For 2021

by Contemporary Fashion

If you love fashion, you will know how exciting it feels to keep up with the upcoming fashion trends, however, blindly following fashion trends overlooking its monstrous toll on the well-being of people & the environment can cause a catastrophe. Following fashion trends that advocate the ethical fashion approach is all that you need to make the fashion industry morally right.

In recent years, both the fashion industry and consumers have started embracing the concept of ethical fashion to improve the well-being of workers & the environment. The global call of ditching traditional methods of production that mainly relied on exploitative and unethical practices has largely contributed to ending the notorious practices of industry leaders.

Before jumping straight to the ethical fashion trends to look out for in 2021,

First, it is important to understand why Ethical fashion matters and why you should invest in it?

We all have witnessed how fast fashion has taken over the industry in the last decade leaving the industry workers underpaid and overworked. However, over the years, fashion consumers have pushed their interest in minimizing the negative impact of fast fashion by conscious supporting ethical fashion brands to bring a revolution in the fashion industry.

Why Ethical Fashion matters?

Tradition fashion is totally unethical as it not only exploits the basic rights of workers but also takes a toll on animal & environmental life.  By consciously consuming ethical fashion, you all can bring a remarkable change to the fashion industry as ethical fashion focuses on transparency, fair wages, and caring for the environment.

Ethical fashion matters because it is based on the 3 main pillars

  • Social Good

  • Planet-friendly practices

  • Animal cruelty-free

Why you should invest in ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is all about considering human rights, animal welfare, and environmental impact at every stage of production & supply chain of fashion pieces. By investing in ethical fashion, we can ensure that every person involved in the production is fairly paid, treated humanly, and works in a safe and healthy environment. Making a conscious decision while shopping can bring in a remarkable change in the fashion industry.

Now that we have discussed the importance of ethics in the fashion industry,

 Let’s dive into the ethical fashion trends that are going to take over in 2021:

Trend #1 Vibrant Colors and Fun Patterns

Vibrant Colors and Fun Patterns

Gone are the days when sustainable & ethical fashion are associated only with neutral hues and classic pieces. In the upcoming year, you can expect to see a lot of vibrant colors and fun patterns in clothing pieces. As more and more people are moving towards sustainable fashion, there is a growing number of designers bridging the gap between sustainable fashion and mainstream fashion.

Well, another major reason to add some vibrant colors & design is to compensate for this trash fashion year that the pandemic situation caused.

Trend #2 Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

Yes, you read it right, a Capsule wardrobe will be the next trend that the fashion industry will grip in the upcoming year. Earlier the concept of a capsule wardrobe was only subjected to the people who are into minimalistic fashion but now, as a consequence of global lockdown, more and more people have realized that they don’t need a large wardrobe to look stylish.

In the upcoming year, we can expect more and more people to embrace the capsule wardrobe concept.

Trend #3 Up-cycled Fashion

Up-cycled Fashion

The next trend to look out for in 2021 is up-cycled fashion. The concept of upcycling is all about creating something new from discarded fashion pieces. In the upcoming year, you will probably witness all the fashionistas wearing upcycled fashion pieces to encourage everyone to move towards sustainability through fashion.

Trend #4 Rewear goes mainstream

Rewear goes mainstream

In the upcoming year, you can expect re-wearing the same outfits to be a part of mainstream fashion.  The fashion priorities of the people will undergo a significant change, as in 2021, people will be rewearing & repeating their outfits without stressing about what others will say! You can expect people to keep up their fashion game without splurging their money on new outfits for every event.

Trend #5 Increased use of environmental-friendly materials

 Increased use of environmental-friendly materialsIn the year 2021, you can expect increased use of environmental-friendly materials in the manufacturing of fashion pieces. From using organic raw materials to avoiding animal byproducts, you can see more and more brands using eco-friendly materials that are ethical and sustainable.

Trend #6 Use of Koba- Biobased faux fur

Use of Koba- Biobased faux fur

The next ethical & sustainable fashion trend to look out for in 2021 is the use of Koba to encourage cruelty-free and vegan fashion. Currently, only a few brands like Stella McCartney are using Koba, a corn byproduct to manufacture faux fur coats but in the upcoming year, you can expect more and more brands to incorporate corn-based component, Koba to produce eco-friendly coats.

Trend #7 Increased diversity

Increased diversity

The concept of diversity is going to become an ethical fashion trend in 2021 as a means to highlight racial inequality and cultural appropriation. In the upcoming year, you can expect more brands to offer their clothing pieces to women of different sizes, skin tones, and body types. The mainstream brands will focus on increasing diversity in their clothing pieces.

So, these are the major ethical fashion trends that you can watch out for in the year 2021. Most of the trends that you will see next year will be the outcome of a global pandemic. As the world is seemingly becoming aware of their unethical & planet-harming fashion consumption due to which the desire for sustainability has increased & it will definitely reflect in the upcoming fashion trends.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that the both fashion industry & fashion consumers are becoming aware of the ill-impacts that their manufacturing & purchasing choices have on society & the environment. The upcoming fashion trends will surely reframe conversation surrounding ethical & sustainable fashion as both big and small brands will work towards ethical & sustainable fashion by developing greener alternatives.

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