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by Bhagya L

Sustainability as we all know is the need of the hour. Binge watching Netflix series throughout your lockdown period, you’ve probably stumbled across the trending documentary called “A Life On Our Planet” by David Attenborough.

Well, if you’ve had the courage to watch it through to the end, you’d know that climate change is real and very close to showing consequences.

If you haven’t had the courage to watch it, the series throws light on the drastic changes that our planet went through over the last 93 years. It talks all about how our population grew rapidly, how we domesticated wild spaces, how biodiversity is diminishing very rapidly and everything that else contributing to the destruction of humanity as a whole.

Everyone who is addicted to fast fashion, should absolutely watch the documentary. It will definitely generate the long overdue fear that we all should have developed a long time ago.

There is indeed a dire need for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands that don’t contribute to the already worse environmental situation.

And today we’re talking about one such brand – a much needed refreshing change to the fashion industry – Delayne Dixon.

Sustainable fashion

Luxe - Handmade to order

Delayne Dixon is a Canada based luxury women’s clothing brand that features handmade sustainable pieces produced in their very own studio. Owned by Delayne Dixon herself, who is a fashion degree holder at The Art Institute of Vancouver, the brand is inspired by music and fabrics. They love bold colors and textures, and unlike many other brands, they have a unique way of styling romantic and soft elements with edgy designs – a part for the romantic in you and a part for the adventure lover in you.

The brand has gone all out with its sustainability efforts. In every way, Delayne Dixon lets you indulge in some luxe goodies without feeling guilty of destroying the Earth for it.

Sustainability efforts

From the raw material for their luxurious clothing to their packaging, Delayne Dixon makes it a point to use only eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable ways to bring high quality and stylish outfits for the modern woman. Over 65% of their fabrics are derived from recycled materials and dead stock, which are basically the unused racks of fabric that gets left in warehouses of many brands.

Sustainable fashion

They have a unique and interesting “Zero Waste” collection where they feature a number of amazing clothing pieces and accessories made entirely from the scraps and leftover pieces of fabric lying around in their studio. If you take a look at some the pieces in the collection, you’ll wonder why you never thought of going eco-friendly before!


Other than their unique collection, they also use a variety of fabric substitutes to produce high quality outfits.

For leather they use vegan and silicone based leather fabrics, which are basically made from “Quartz” or sand. Its production apparently requires much less resources including energy and chemicals when compared to its PU and PVC alternatives. It also uses much less Chlorine and causes much lesser VOC emissions.

Sustainable fashion

As a Polyester substitute, they use recycled polyester and TENCEL branded fibres, which are trademarked sustainable fabrics. And for fur they use acrylic fur, because they love animals just like us!


Coming to their shipping, they offer what is called “Carbon Neutral Shipping”. How this works is, you as a customer get to choose Carbon Neutral Shipping when you check out of their website and the shipping amount will be matched with any green house project closes to your location. This way, the carbon emissions caused during the shipping process which is inevitable, is offset by the eco-friendly projects that you contribute to.

Once again, let me remind you – guilt free shopping!


Sustainable fashion

Last but not least, let’s talk about their collection.

Stunning would be the word if we were to put it in a nutshell. They have interesting names for each of their uniquely created masterpieces and they are all in line with the latest trends showcased by the fashion capital runways.

Speaking of which, most of their looks have been featured many times in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines as well as at the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks.

Sustainable fashion

A few of their bestsellers include the Le Chocolat Top, the Houndstooth Dress, Your Loss Bodysuit and the Milano Dress.

Check out the brand's collections on Contemporary Fashion. You can also check out their Instagram page to keep up to date with their latest collections.

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