“Sustainability in Our Hearts” – Panareha

by Contemporary Fashion

Have you ever seen a material embodiment of Summer?

Well that’s what Panareha is. Their tagline is “where summer is” and by all means, the answer is Panareha.

It is an independent sustainable lifestyle fashion brand that focuses primarily on menswear, and they have the coolest, most exciting definition of summer.

Summer was made to sweeten our soul, bare our feet and free our spirit. It is a smile, a kiss, laughter, blue waves and sandy beaches... a beer with friends at a sunset party by the pool.”

Now if that doesn’t make you long for the beach, if that doesn’t make you long for a chilled beer, I don’t know what will.

The brand is just as amazing as Summer, perhaps even better, because they are all about giving back. It lets you enjoy the true spirit of Summer, it lets you enjoy comfort and style without the guilt of destroying the environment for it.

Their workshop                             

Sustainable fashion brand

The entire team of Panareha is based in Lisbon, one of the most fashionable cities in the world. With the beautiful beaches and the constant energy of the sun, the people of Lisbon always have summer in their minds, which is the main inspiration for the brand.

They have the most talented artisans and craftsmen hailing from the north of Portugal to handcraft their menswear outfits. It is a region that is already well known for its premium quality manufacturers. All of their pieces are created with great care and attention to detail using the finest fabrics and accessories – from the buttons to the labels.

“Sustainability in our hearts”

Sustainable fashion brand

Panareha as a brand is committed to creating the best quality apparel for men, combining the best designs with top quality materials and the best talent – all with as low impact on the environment as possible. Their sole mission is to produce clothing in the most harmonious way possible, using only environmentally safe and sustainable raw materials. They also seek to share their values and their mission with a close community that loves fashion as much as they do.

For the same reason, every step they take, right from choosing their logistics partners to selecting their fabrics and their packaging, is done with the single end goal in mind – to reduce the impact on the environment.

To find out about the different ways in which they can be sustainable in their ways, they traveled the world and collaborated with the best suppliers; one of the best ones being recycled materials.

For their swimwear, beach and board shorts, they use strong and smooth recycled polyester fabric made entirely from 100% RPET single use plastic bottles. Every board short they produce uses 5 bottles.

Sustainable fashion brand

For their shirts, they use only sustainably produced cotton and linen and for their packaging material - bags and boxes, wraps and labels, they use only 100% genuine recycled or recovered waste paper that conforms to the most rigorous certification standards.

They also have a signature blue drawstring that they use in their trunks which is also 100% plastic free.

With this amazing start, they also wish to produce more of sustainable and longer-lasting products that help preserve the Earth’s natural resources and discourage the fast fashion community.

Their collection

Sustainable fashion brand

Their collection includes everything for men that scream summer. From cotton and linen shirts, to casual polo neck T shorts, to swimwear board shorts to espadrilles and bracelets they have a wide range of options for men who love hanging by the beach or spending vacay out in the sun. They use only recycled organic cotton and linen in their pieces which makes for the most breathable and comfortable outfits, that are also stylish at the same time.

Sustainable fashion brand

Some of their best sellers include the AMADO RPET Boardshorts featuring their signature blue drawstrings, the Green DAIQUIRI Organic Cotton Polo, the PAROS Organic Cotton Floral Shirt and the SANUR RPET striped Boardshorts.

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