“Timeless, Elegant and Kick Ass When We Have to be” – Mayd in Chyna

by Contemporary Fashion

There are a very few fashion brands out there that are hell bent on being sustainable in all their ways. And even fewer who insist on going the extra mile to remain that way no matter that changes they encounter.

Mayd in Chyna is one such ethical fashion brand that, by no means, is ready to compromise on sustainability.

They are a brand driven solely by a set of core values and philanthropy. Driven entirely by family members, who carry immense expertise in dynamic fashion, business management, marketing and most importantly environmental sustainability, the company produces high quality fashion pieces 100% North American sourced, 100% organic, 100% vegan and 100% ethically certified.

A unique never-before-seen way of operation

Sustainable fashion brand

Something that is super unique and seldom seen in other brand functionality is the fact that Mayd in Chyna has a supply chain where they personally know and can vouch for all operations.

When starting off, they were inspired to create something that was in keeping with their desire to do something for the greater good of the world. For the same reason, they are not entirely focused on generating profits, but on how profits can be used to help the planet.

After extensive research they realised that almost all steps in fashion and manufacturing had some kind of a negative impact on the environment. However, there were a few ways that they could embrace, even though they needed extra effort.

And that’s exactly what they followed.

They work on the basis of their strict philosophy, which is to disrupt the usual ways of business in the fashion production paradigm and to make a conscious effort to change in order to align with serving and respecting the needs of the planet.

Sustainability is their middle name

Sustainable fashion brand

Sustainability is one of their hard core values. This means that in every step they take, and in every dimension they operate, they make sure to be sustainable.

They strive to be politically sustainable by aligning their business operations to genuinely serve the environment, the people, the animals and the planet at large.

They seek to follow material sustainability by using only organic, vegan, sustainable and ethically made fabrics in production. They guarantee that all of their fabrics will be certified by an authoritatively established manufacturing standard.

Why Mayd in Chyna?

Sustainable fashion brand

With the name Mayd in Chyna, they seek to earn a reputation that is apparently opposite to the name’s conventional perception. They seek to be known for super stylish and cutting edge fashion designs and styles – much like the fashion forward country itself. However, they wish to embrace the concepts of social and economic justice, ecological integrity and animal welfare.

Production and collections

Sustainable fashion brand

The brand essentially creates men’s and women’s designer clothing that is ethically and certifiably produced. They do so by using purposeful production processes that causes the least amount of damage to our surroundings and yet offer the excitement, beauty and good feeling that come with any new fashion piece.

This means that they use only the most sustainable raw materials, adopt only sustainable processes and employ workers in ethical ways. For this they sought out looking for the best possible resources, least impactful processes, designs, colors and textiles that lasted for long periods of time. They insisted on not contributing to the throw away fast fashion culture and consumerism in general, and set out to break all established conventions.

This is how they ended up with the masterpiece that is Mayd in Chyna – a big step towards creating a better more “livable” world.

Sustainable fashion brand

Their collections include everything from basic women’s and men’s casual apparels, edgy basics, to extravagant designer pieces. Some of their best sellers include basic Ladies' Bandeau Top, the unique Ladies' Luxe Causal Topper, the Occasion Maxi Dress and the Men's basic Pintuck Dress Trousers.

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