Top 5 Clean Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

by Bhagya L

2020 opened our eyes in many ways. Out of the silver lining that came from being locked in our homes for months on end, we all got a little more conscious of pretty much everything in our lives. And of everything we engaged ourselves in, in the comfort of our homes beauty and skincare was perhaps one of the most life changing, positive and long overdue ones.

Since there was nowhere to go, we stopped dressing up and wearing makeup. Our days were spent in joggers and sweatshirts with our hair tied up in a bun. But skincare took a new lease of life.

No longer do people care about beauty for the sake of the society or for the sake of looking good when stepping out. Beauty has come to mean more about inner wellbeing, healthy skin and basically what feels good. In other words, people care about beauty for their own selves now.

For the same reason, people have become a lot more conscious of what they put on their skin. Is it clean, is it vegan, is it green, and is it cruelty free?
All of these questions cross the minds of people that step out to buy a product now.

Suffice it to say, the clean beauty or the sustainable beauty trend has surged again and for good reason.

Here are the top 5 trends in clean beauty that we are likely to see more of in 2021.

Top 5 sustainable beauty trends to look forward to in 2021


Sustainable packing

Sustainable beauty

One of the most noticeable trends that is fast becoming rampant is the use of sustainable packaging for beauty orders. Brands have started incorporating more sustainable ways in their operations, packaging included. Plastic bubble wraps, plastic bottles and containers for skincare products, plastic spoons and spatulas, plastic tubes – these heavily polluting plastic components included in beauty are being done away with. More sustainable packaging methods with paper and cardboard, straw instead of bubble wrap for fragile products and other such packaging methods are increasingly being adopted.

Biodegradable ingredients

Sustainable beauty

For months now we have been told not to use face scrubs with micro beads, non-biodegradable face wipes and other such products that include non-biodegradable components causing immense land pollution. The tiny micro beads that you see in your scrub – they last for centuries in landfills. Now that customers have gotten more conscious and stricter about the things they use, brands are taking strict measures to stay away from these things. Bio-degradable face wipes made from paper, walnut and cellulose based face scrubs etc. are the new ways.


Sustainable beauty

As customers are getting more conscious and aware of what they put they put on their faces, they demand brands to be more transparent about their ways. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t have a clear cut definition for the term “clean beauty” or “fragrance” etc. This makes it possible for brands to slap on labels that claim to be clean or fragrance free, without actually being so. However, customers are looking for third party verifications these days that confirm the authenticity of claims. For example, ECO CERT and USDA are certain third party organizations that check for chemicals and claims and provide verification. Brands have started getting more serious about obtaining these verifications to stay relevant.

Refills and component recycling

Sustainable beauty

A lot of brands are already in the bandwagon, and a lot of brands are soon joining in on this trend. They use glass packaging to start with, and they encourage customers to send back their empty containers so that they can recycle or reuse those bottles. A lot of brands are also offering product refills for customers, where they can simply top off their empty components once they are finished.


Sustainable beauty

Along with environmentally sustainable ways in beauty, we are also going to see more of positive beauty initiatives. Inclusivity is the new name of the game now. Brands are coming up with a wider shade range of foundations in makeup, models of all complexions, even darker complexions are being used in makeup advertisements, lipsticks are being made for all skin tones – the industry is changing.

Here’s hoping for a better and positive beauty community in 2021.

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