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ATU Body Couture

Romanian women label founded in 2011. The brand explores women’s world with its aesthetic manifestations reflected in small collections with versatile and timeless pieces. Manufacture is the main part of the creative process along with continuous searches for specific textures and the obsession for femininity celebrated by comfort and style.

12 products found in ATU Body Couture

PRESSURE embroidered dress
  • $390.00
GOODBYE cargo trousers
  • $270.00
TENSION jumpsuit with quartz crystal details
  • $311.00
SURREAL dress with quartz crystal detail
  • $435.00
MULTITASK crystal chain
  • $150.00
Nyx jumpsuit
  • $311.00
PORTAL dress with a detachable corset and quartz detail
  • $570.00
GHOSTING bodysuit with ribbed detail
  • $210.00
FLUID pleated sequin dress with detachable corset
  • $500.00
Red clam shell earrings
  • $96.00
Gold clam shell earings
  • $96.00
Black clam shell earrings
  • $95.00