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Lalipop Design

At Lalipop Design, we live by the motto “Feel Stunning Everyday”! The Brand name “Lalipop” comes from our founder and designer Nilhan Karayazgan’s precious daughter, Lal. Being a lively and spirited little girl, her friends nicknamed her “Lalipop”. So, when Nilhan decided to create her own brand with an energetic, fun and colorful character, the name was clear to her: “Lalipop Design”. Inspired by the wonderful colors of Istanbul, our designer Nilhan and her team creates unique pieces that make women feel comfortable and “stunning”. Only the highest quality fabrics and materials are used for each and every piece. Having our own atelier gives us the flexibility and control to ensure the highest quality of production. This also gives us the confidence to continually create new designs as well as the ability to quickly respond to new orders. Lalipop Design garments are for urban contemporary women who have a unique style and who have the confidence to show it!

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Upcycled Silver Sequin Mini Shoulder Bag
  • $82.00
Triple Layer Sequined Face Mask - Multicolor
  • $56.00
Upcycled Multicolor Sequin Heart Crossbody Bag
  • $132.00
Upcycled Digital House Print Heart Tote Bag
  • $149.00
Triple Layer Cotton Face Masks With Nose Wire & Detachable Strap Leopard 4 Pack
  • $153.00
Triple Layer Sequined Face Mask With A Detachable Mask Strap Pack Of 2
  • $116.00
Multi-Color & Print Pleated Midi Skirt
  • $198.00
Double-Sided Sequin-Embellished A-Line Midi Skirt
  • $259.00
Double-Sided Sequined Black Faux Leather Track Pants
  • $209.00
Double-Sided Sequined Bomber Jacket With Velvet & Faux-Fur Details
  • $316.00
Knitted Above Knee Dress With Double-Sided Sequined Raglan Long Sleeves
  • $246.00
3 Pack Triple Layer Cotton Face Masks With Nose Wire Safari
  • $96.00
Sequined Black Velvet Mini Dress
  • $262.00
Leopard Print Mini Skirt
  • $141.00
Splash Of Color Pleated Midi Skirt
  • $181.00
Multi-Color Pleated Maxi Skirt With House Pattern
  • $194.00
Black Sequined Flared Trousers
  • $182.00
Multi-Color Pleated Midi Skirt With House Pattern
  • $186.00
Gold Garnished Sweatshirt With Abstract Digital Print
  • $209.00
Silver & Gold Garnished Sweatshirt With Camo Digital Print
  • $207.00
Dark-Blue Sparkles On Black Fabric Knitted Dress
  • $271.00
Pack Of 3-Adjustable/Triple Layer Cotton Face Masks With Nose Wire & Embroidery Details
  • $96.00
White Cotton Sweatshirt With House Pattern Print On The Back
  • $216.00
Super Comfy Black Baggy Pants
  • $161.00