Fair Trade

We believe that Fair trade clothing is of upmost importance when handpicking our brands. You might have heard the term knocking about and don’t really know what it actually means, fair trade means products have been produced based on ethical trade standards. This type of manufacturing means that there is no harm to factory workers and other links in the supply chain when producing the brand’s collection.

So who benefits from it and why is it important?

Fair Trade helps manufacturers and producers in developing countries to take advantage of better trade deals. Not only does that mean everyone gets a fairer deal on pricing but the working conditions are much more favourable.

Whilst you might think that textile workers are given adequate working environments that is sadly not the case. The figures talk loudly, the British Retail Consortium shows that "up to 90% of garment workers are paid below the National Minimum Wage, do not have employment contracts and are subject to intense and arbitrary work practices.” Ethical trade manufacturing and trading is therefore a vital social movement for the developing world.

This is a global phenomena that needs our help and you can be part of the movement by playing your part and buying being conscious of the products you’re being come from. Not only does it mean that the producers get a fair trade, it also creates opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers in third world countries. While it's great for people in the Western World to have access to inexpensive cotton products, this benefit is reduced if cotton farmers in China or India don't receive fair compensation that promotes sustainable livelihoods. 

Help us help you make a difference, so together we can help them.

We realise fashion and retail is a tricky space at the moment so we’ve created this marketplace for boutique ethical Brands to get a leg up and give consumers who shop consciously and care about quality as well as fair trade the access to unique brands which make a difference. We want to make a positive change to the world of consumerism and move away from capitalism without charging brands to showcase their collection on our site. Every detail down to the packaging as well as shipping and handling of a product is discussed and agreed upon so we make sure we only choose ethical brands with honest trading standards.