We want to build a long lasting relationship with each brand and so our value proposition to you is excellent service and commitment to helping you grow while staying true to your sustainability goals. Our selection and curation criteria is geared towards selecting the best sustainable and ethical brands. By subscribing to our platform you agree to the following terms on this page.


Membership Fees are used to:

  • Promote you on multiple sales channels
  • Create marketable content suitable for curating with similar brands in your niche.
  • Pitch you and your brand through appropriate media outlets


  • Expand CF services to cater to growing needs of the sustainable designers and brands community
  • Develop tools to assist in the management of your designer brands and portolio

How it works

Listing & Marketing

You list or we assist you with listing products on our platform and we market your brand.

Customer Order

Customers order and pay through our platform.

Order processing

Your receive a notification with order details and process order.

Order shipment

Your pack, personalize and ship the order to the customer.

Satisfied Customer

Satisfied customer, return grace period expires then we pay your earnings.


We want to give you as much of a head start as we can. We would only take 9% commission of each sale  so that partnering with us wouldn’t break the bank.  


You would be paid for each sale after the return period of each sold item has passed. This is defined in the portal as 45 days total.

Screening Process

Our Brand Coordinator uses our internal curation criteria to select the brands that best fit for our platform. We review your sustainability and ethical practices to make a determination on inclusion.

Product images must be on transparent or on white background

Images must be of High Quality and high web resolution 

Images must be a minimum 600x600 pixels 200 dpi JPEG

A maximum of 25 styles per brand

Must meet sustainability criteria review by Brand Coordinator

Each brand/designer agrees to allow the use of brand images and content from their respective social media and on this platform in the performance of promotional activities for the respective brand.

Each brand is reviewed every 3 months for performance and the brand coordinator makes a determination on the continuation of brand/designer membership on the platform. Failure to meet terms as prescribe can lead to termination or removal from the platform if corrective actions are not taken to align with the requirements above.

This is a sustainable platform and therefore, all brands must meet sustainable criteria as defined by the brand coordinator.

The screening criteria and terms are subject to review and revision by the platform leadership on an as needed basis.


The order is processed and sent to you for postage and packaging. The customer receives their personal ized package from you which always adds to their experience and you keep creative control.

Customer Service

  • Free on-boarding help
  • Product upload help
  • E-mail & text support for the platform
  • Basic order support

Designer Portal

In your designers PORTAL you will be able to view the progress of your brand. You can manage your  brand portfolio of products, adjust the pricing, manage orders, run reports. You will also be able to  withdraw earnings (payments from sales) and so much more. We make it as user friendly as we can so  that you have the easiest platform to manage your brand.

Value Proposition

We offer the following as a value summary

  1.   ·   Sales and marketing
  2.   ·   Promotions of your brand on multiple social media and other relevant outlets
  3.   ·   Creation of marketable content suitable for curating with similar brands in your niche
  4.   ·   Media outlet pitches as a member of Contemporary Fashion Designers (CF Designers)
  5.   ·   CF Magazine features and coverage opportunities
  6.   ·   Customer Support



- we offer professional customer service in ensuring our designers have the best level of service and support from onboarding to customer acquisitions and sales/customer order support.



- we believe in the organization of the sustainability community united with a common goal to protect the future by preserving the present and limiting the harmful effects caused by issues such as overconsumption.



- we offer a com- prehensive set of channels and opportuni- ties for effective sales and marketing and we strive to ensure our designers get value from the benefits we offer in our membership package.