Sustainable Development

What is sustainable development?

You might have heard of if but what really is sustainable development? Sustainable principles means that design decisions and materials help to grow economic and social development with the preservation of natural resources. Sustainable development means it meets the present needs without compromising the capacities of future generations, ensuring the balance between environmental care and social welfare.

How we at Contemporary Fashion help with sustainable development

By only bringing on brands that are ethical and sustainable in their manufacturing process, we ensure that there is less of an environmental impact and less waste of materials when creating watch brands products. We have a rigorous process of identifying brands which are both unique and combine the same ethical outlook as we do, in order to join the movement of economic and environmental change. 

We discuss with our brands on how they can improve on sustainable development, whether that means generating less waste of materials when constructing a product, using sustainable materials   which have a lower environmental impact or exploring the reduce to labour costs in the manufacturing process, such as 3D knitting.

How you benefit from sustainable shopping with us.

Are you a customer who supports sustainable living? This is a great way to play your part in helping reduce carbon fuels and waste into the atmosphere. Recycled fashion is becoming increasingly popular as shoppers are becoming more mindful about the impacts their consumer decisions have on the economy and on the environment. Small changes put together can make a massive difference and this is our vision with joining the movement for change in the was we shop.

We love having you here and offering you collections that are unique and made with a little bit more Love. Every detail is discussed and thought through by our team, from the construction of the product, the materials used, down to it’s packaging.