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Image courtesy of Lifestyle Asia.

We might believe that the beauty products we use on a daily basis don’t have a big impact on the planet and the environment around us, but this isn’t the case. A switch as simple as using reusable face cloths instead of face wipes could save thousands from entering the oceans throughout our lifetime.

With more and more brands coming up with a host of creative and sustainable solutions to this problem, it’s now easier than ever to make those sustainable beauty choices in our everyday routine.

Read on for 3 quick and easy ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly.

Soap and Shampoo bars

Did you know that 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles get thrown out globally every year? With this knowledge, it’s high time we switched to a cleaner alternative. More recently, brands have been turning to solid bars to hugely reduce on waste. An obvious up-side to making the switch to solid bars is that they reduce the use of packaging (Lush’s Naked Bars leave behind zero trace). As well as this, they also reduce water consumption, since they make use of the water you’re already showering in to lather up. They also save on emissions since they weigh considerably less than big, heavy bottles of shampoo and conditioner and take up less space when being transported.

Image courtesy of Leafscore.

Hot Cloth Cleanse

There’s no denying the convenience of face wipes, but their damage to the environment is horrifying. It has been reported that in the UK alone, 11 billion face wipes are used each year – the majority of which end up in the bin (and therefore, landfill). Combine this with the fact that every skincare professional out there will tell you that face wipes don’t clean our skin well enough, it’s clear to see that a change needs to be made here. With countless options available to us, a hot cloth cleanse with a flannel is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The high-tech fibre Face Halo discs only require water to lift away make-up off the skin. As they can be thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned, each pad can replace up to 500 face wipes.

Refillable options

Think of how much packaging goes into the exterior of all our products – plastic lids, heavy jars for moisturisers, mirrors in compacts. That’s where refills come in, and with so many brands now offering refillable products, it makes for the perfect, easy planet-friendly swap! Rituals provide refillable options for a range of their hand washes, body creams and fragrance sticks. In terms of make-up, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips 2 and Hourglass’ Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick can be replaced with refills.