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The Met Gala 2022 was truly extraordinary for sustainable and vintage fashion looks. How celebrities dressed this year has taught us more than we could imagine about how fashion is shaping alongside the climate change crisis. Here are four things that we learnt from the Met Gala 2022:

  • The Met Gala team want celebrities to appreciate the fashion we already have.

  • The theme: ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ encourages celebrities to look back at beautiful outfits from the past. For Kim Kardashian, this meant wearing Marilyn Monroe’s happy birthday dress. This shows that outfits can be iconic even when they have been re-worn.

  • Re wearing clothes to prestigious events is becoming more accepted.

  • Celebrities are being praised for re-wearing clothes and it is becoming a point of interest even more than before. Not only does dressing sustainably help the environment, it will help the career of those who do so.

  • Younger celebrities are a driving force for sustainable fashion.

    Billie Eilish stole the show with her upcycled Gucci ivory dress. Others, including Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Stone, were forward thinking when it comes to eco-friendly fashion for the Met Gala 2022.

  • Not all celebrities care about dressing for the theme.

  • Despite being sustainable by re-wearing her evening wedding dress, Emma Stone has been slated for not meeting the theme set by the Met Gala. Is being sustainable more important than the theme sometimes?