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Image courtesy of The Fabricant Studio

Paving the way of sustainable digital fashion – the fashion house The Fabricant Studio have created a new collection which allows users to interact and design their own virtual outfits.  Allowing anyone to become a ‘Digital Fashion Designer’ and create their own virtual look to wear in the Metaverse.  

Season 0 showcases 50 different garments, by 50 different creators which offer endless innovation. The contemporary and unique approach to design is illustrated through the garments baggy fit and unisex chic.  

Image courtesy of The Fabricant Studio

Users are given the option of the 50 garments in which they can personalise the colours and textures. Each garment is unique, can be traded and highly sought after. The garments are sold for wear in environments such as the Metaverse.  

But what is the Metaverse and why do we need a new outfit for it? The Metaverse is believed to be the new era of how we interact within the internet. We would use VR headsets when working, socialising and making purchases in a virtual world. Others would view us as an ‘Avatar’ – with heavy investments from the likes of Facebook Science Fiction could become reality.

Image courtesy of The Fabricant Studio

From an environmental perspective every garment in Season 0 is emission free, waste free, ethically produced and customisable however raises the question of the true purpose of fashion. The garments are completely virtual and serve no physical purpose but do serve the desire for newness, status and originality. Expression plays such a key part in ‘fast fashion’. Season 0 could certainly curb our cravings for a new original look!

If you would like to find more about The Fabricant Studio – click the link.

A Digital Fashion Experience by The Fabricant