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Photo courtesy AROMATICA.

Photo courtesy AROMATICA.

AROMATICA, one of the world’s leading sustainable beauty brands, has taken an impactful leap in the skincare and lifestyle space with the opening of AROMATICA ZERO STATION—one of the world’s first zero-waste complexes, that’s located in the heart of South Korea.


While AROMATICA has remained committed and innovative in its mission to become a refreshing, sustainable face in the beauty space, the store is still a unique departure from some of AROMATICA’s other endeavors. In particular, the AROMATICA ZERO STATION will blend retail with refill stations, a recycling and upcycling center, aromatherapy elements, and a tea house. 


A station will act as a space where consumers can both experience and purchase most anything from AROMATICA’s extensive product collection, and the lineup is expected to include best-selling items like the rosemary shampoo and aloe vera gel, as well as conditioners, body oils, and toners. 


Given that AROMATICA has garnered a reputation for its use natural essential oils in place of otherwise synthetic fragrances, visitors to this first-of-its-kind complex in Seoul can expect that every product will be natural, organic, and vegan, while also being directly produced at the company’s very own Eco-Friendly Smart Factory in Osan, Gyeonggi-do. 


As a brand, AROMATICA has worked to develop sustainable products that are both effective, and beneficial to the preservation of the natural environment. The company is on a mission to produce high-quality mixtures, while also aiming to restore the general health of the Earth and using its own profits and resources to do so.


AROMATICA was actually the first beauty refill station to open in Korea, where consumers can similarly buy their post-consumer recycled plastic or glass bottle at the store or bring their own.


The latest store has an array of particularly noteworthy zero-waste options like soap bars and refill pouches that aim to reduce the amount of plastic used. In fact, up to 97% of AROMATICA products are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and 90% recycled glass. In addition, there are various eco-friendly brand zero-waste goods.


Beyond an expansive selection of consumer beauty goods, visitors can also enjoy the authentic experience provided by the on-site teahouse—which specializes in tea that combines aromatherapy with tea culture and boasts a total of 11 homemade tea drinks of signature ingredients.


Additionally, the recycling space will serve as a designated “learning and hands-on experience” for anyone who makes the trip to the store. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the process of separating, recycling and disposing of empty containers properly and according to each individual material. 


As part of AROMATICA’s initiative to lead other beauty and skincare product innovators into a newer, greener era, the brand renewed the existing House of AROMATICA into the AROMATICA ZERO STATION by reusing and repurposing elements from the former store, such as glass, wood, bricks, and furniture for the construction process.


Those recycled materials were then upcycled into the new store’s floors, cabinets, and product displayers, among other things. In a statement, AROMATICA called upon sustainable creatives to “create upcycled furniture made of disposable masks, glasses, and papers for the zero-waste space” too.


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