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Image courtesy of Aviator Soap.

Founded in 2020 by sisters Beth and Jo, in response to Jo unfortunately losing her job as a pilot during the pandemic, they wanted to turn the situation into something positive. Created with key workers in mind who were suffering with severe dry skin due to extra hand washing, they decided to develop their own non-drying soap bar formula entirely from scratch.

Aviator Soap is an independent, female owned brand that only produce 100% vegan, cruelty-free, zero plastic and palm oil free soap bars, that are kinder to your skin and the planet. With their ultimate mission to eliminate all plastic waste from bathrooms for good.

Each bar is carefully handmade in the UK using traditional cold process methods. The non-drying formula combines 5 natural oils and butters to deliver a luxurious, affordable and most importantly, ethical product.

Image courtesy of London Evening Standard.

As part of their mission to eliminate single use plastic, each plastic-free soap bar replaces a minimum of 1.3 bottles of liquid soap and gram for gram, these bars last 6x longer than the average liquid counterpart! As well as this, Aviator Soap’s entire product range is and will always remain vegan and cruelty-free, allowing consumers to shop with complete peace of mind and convenience.

They recognise that palm oil remains one of the biggest sources of deforestation in our current climate, and poses huge threats to some of the worlds most endangered species. That is why Aviator Soap make it a priority to keep all of their products palm oil free.

With a genuine care and passion about the impact we have on the world, they have strived to create a completely ethical and sustainable product that people can trust.

To shop the range and learn more, visit