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Whether it’s jasmine and grapefruit perfume or turmeric, seaweed and aloe vera face masks, founder Constanze Saemann wants all her products to feel pure, conscious and intimate, like a kiss. This is rather fitting as BASIUM in Latin means “the kiss’.


After working as a fashion model and travelling full time for the past eight years Constanze decided to slow down and focus her energy and spare time on studying what she was passionate about, aromatherapy, herbalism and health coaching. Natural and organic products have always been an important focus, especially when dealing with work-related stress. Making the most of her opportunities, Constanze also began to learn from those she had been working alongside of and connecting with the people behind numerous cosmetic brands. 


While travelling Constanze was able to connect with the local botanists in the various countries she was visiting. Compiling everything she had learnt from her travels and the industry led to the creation of BASIUM. What started as a side project has slowly evolved into a diverse product range and profound knowledge of alternative self-care. 


The brand’s focus is to develop relationships, engage and learn from those who grow and harvests the ingredients to those creating the products, and build a community of like-minded people while reviving people’s interest in nature. “Deep down we all have this knowledge already-we have just forgotten it. It’s about returning back to nature, back to our roots.” Constanze says. 


Each product is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, we are also doing our utmost to limit our environmental footprint. The goal is to remove any plastic usage from within their product range and to find suppliers for their bottles, lids and packaging that only use recycled or sustainable materials and to source as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible, “which are food good for the environment. grower and consumer.” To discover more from BASIUM visit,