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Photo courtesy Adore Me.

Photo courtesy Adore Me.

Two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Bebe Rexha, has partnered with Adore Me on the lingerie brand’s first-ever celebrity capsule collection. The exclusive collection aims to encourage women around the world to embrace and spread body positivity through inclusive sizes and styles.

Over the years, Rexha has become a huge advocate for inclusivity and vulnerability within the music industry—even as a regular producer of empowering ballads, Rexha has also often tapped into her massive platform to inspire necessary conversations regarding the unrealistic and damaging expectations put on women. Her personal mission as a singer and songwriter aligned seamlessly with that of world-renowned lingerie brand, Adore Me—and naturally, the collaboration was born.

In a press release statement, Rexha said: “I’m proud to work with Adore Me on this campaign because they love me for who I am, curves and all. As a woman who wasn’t the cookie-cutter pop-star, I hope to inspire women to love their bodies and feel beautiful at any size. I’ve always admired Adore Me’s dedication to making their customers feel more confident, comfortable and cute, so to be able to partner with the brand has been an incredible experience.”

Adore Me has garnered a reputation for being one of the most outspoken brand voices within the fashion industry—and has continued to deliver on their promises for a more inclusive future in fashion with an extensive collection of lingerie sizes, styles, and designs that challenge the mainstream approach to “being sexy.”

Beyond a shared desire to achieve more inclusivity in fashion, Rexha and Adore Me also wanted to create a three-part capsule collection that celebrates “confidence, encourages a strong alliance with the LGBTQ+ community, makes sustainable fashion attainable for all, and ensures that this will be a summer to remember.”

Helen Mears, Chief Design Officer for Adore Me, spoke exclusively with Contemporary Fashion Magazine about the collection and its long-term goals.


“One of our biggest goals with the Bebe Rexha Capsule Collection is to introduce consumers to the idea that you can have sexy, lacy lingerie that incorporates materials that are more sustainable,” says Mears. “A number of items use recycled nylon in the construction of the lace, which is quite difficult given the delicate nature and complexity of lace. We spent months working to make these products feel amazing against your skin, look beautiful, and be better for the planet.”

The Adore Me x Bebe Rexha capsule collection starts at $49.95 and includes bras and lingerie in a variety of colors and styles, with a number of items that are made from sustainable materials. Additionally, in honor of Pride Month, 100% of net proceeds from the exclusive Alyshia Pride Bra will benefit the Ali Forney Center, an NYC-based nonprofit organization with a mission to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently.

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, the Founder & CEO of Adore Me, also said in a press release statement: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bebe for a moment like this as she’s complex, vulnerable, sexy, and unafraid to speak out — much like the Adore Me brand — which has made this partnership come about in a very authentic way.”

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