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Image courtesy of Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is the UK’s largest vintage retailer with nine stores across the country. At a time when over 900 million items make up our textile waste annually, the vintage retailer rehomed 10% of these. Its mission is to “reclaim, reduce and reuse 10 billion items”. As part of this drive towards a more circular economy of fashion, Beyond Retro has teamed up with Sojo App. 

Image courtesy of Sojo App

Sojo App was founded by Josephine Phillips, a recent university graduate, with the intention of allowing customers to send off their clothes to be altered. The app solves the immense sizing problem for second hand clothes. For example, where customers spot the perfect item, although if it doesn’t fit them, the same items cannot be sourced in a different size. The partnership between Beyond Retro and Sojo App will make second hand clothing more accessible to customers of all sizes. 

How does it work? 

Beyond Retro customers will be able to alter their vintage clothes. Firstly, the desired item must be pinned in the changing rooms. After that, you must use the tablet at the till to book an alteration for your item. The altered item will even be posted to your door once it has been completed.

To learn more about Beyond Retro, visit and Sojo App, visit