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Image courtesy of the Body Shop

With more awareness about mental health and the importance of self-care, sheet masks have been viewed as a glorious way to look after yourself. Whether it’s a movie night in or a sleepover with friends, sheet masks make you feel fresh. Despite this, sheet masks are an environmental disaster, and for the environmentally conscious, a product that we would begin to avoid. The Body Shop has answered our prayers and released a completely biodegradable sheet mask. 

The Body Shop was founded in Brighton over forty years ago and was one of the first companies to refuse testing on animals. Certified cruelty free and B-Corp, the brand are looking to bring about positive environmental change in the beauty industry. The current push is against plastic packaging and materials that are harmful to the planet, and the Body shop has pledged to use only recyclable packaging by 2025. However, the Body Shop has been accused of greenwashing claims, by appearing to be more sustainable than the reality. With that being said, we applaud any movements towards more sustainable products, which includes their biodegradable sheet mask. 

The Tears of Youth sheet mask can be placed in the compost bin or in the garden after it has been used. After 42 days, the Body Shop claims that the sheet mask will disintegrate. The materials used to create the mask were derived from wood pulp, which has emerged as a more sustainable, closed-loop alternative to other fibers. This innovation within the beauty industry required rigorous testing to prove that the product was not in fact harmful to the environment.

To shop the Tears of Youth sheet mask, visit