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    Yeezy and Adidas No More. But How can Consumers Issue their Demands with Socio-Political and Sustainable Agendas hand in hand?

    Image Courtesy of The Telegraph   Fashion has always been the barometer for measuring each generation’s socio-political activity. It seems that with time, as the fashion industry climbed its way towards its present status of a Megaladon-like profit-generating machine – these zeitgeists have begun to show beyond the manner in which individuals choose to dress. […]


    Fashion For Ukraine: Meet the Creatives

    As promised, we are bringing to you a rundown of the best and brightest stars of Ukrainian fashion. Although, first it is imperative that we discuss the reason why it is important for us to bring your attention to these brands.   Upon the full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the government issued martial […]


    Fashion For Ukraine – Introduction

    Fashion has long been regarded as an industry largely intertwined with self-expression and social activism. Recent consumer studies show that a group named the Regenzies is taking this tendency in stride with new self-empowering shopping habits. According to LSN Global, their consumption pattern is fixated on three pillars: Pillar 1: Ethics: this consumer group wants […]


    Top Tips for Avoiding Shien’s Fashion Trends

    Here are some of my top tips for dodging the trends and leading a more conscious lifestyle.


    Shop the Love Island x eBay Looks

    Here is how you can shop the Love Island x eBay inspired looks from the show.


    Sustainable Fashion vs Cost of Living

    With the rising cost of living, can we afford sustainable clothes?


    Sustainable Fashion of TV:

    These sustainable brands are making a convincing case for why using their eco-friendly clothing on TV can be just as fashionable as their fast fashion rivals.


    Reversible Fashion

    Two outfits in one; why aren’t all garments reversible?


    The Gift Guide for Minimalists & Conscious Giving

    The perfect gifting guide for that minimalist in your life.


    H&M and Maisie Williams have joined the Digital Fashion Revolution

    Image courtesy of H&M Mainstream fashion retailer H&M has joined forces with Maisie Williams and DressX to create an exciting Digital Fashion Capsule Collection with sustainability the core message. H&M has tinkered around with the idea of sustainable fashion for years – allowing for affordable new clothing to the masses with a lesser impact on […]


    Ella Palm

    Jewellery gifting can be a tricky landscape to navigate unless you invest in jewellery that delivers on quality and isn’t just a pretty object. Ella Palm jewellery is everything you could want to celebrate a special occasion. From design to their slow fashion practices making Ella Palm jewellery, not just a present but one that […]



    Mother-daughter duo Ketevan and Anna are leading the way in the ethical fashion space, with their brand KETEVANNA. A unique bond between the expertise of a mum and the creative direction of her daughter, with a single purpose – “the use the power of fashion to create opportunities for as many women as possible”.    […]


    Dress For The World You Want

    Slow fashion that does not compromise on style. London based social enterprise Birdsong produce their eye-catching collections and wardrobe staples all made-to-order, in protest against the fast nature of the fashion industry. Designed for remarkable women but also made by them. “We know that women want more from their wardrobe but the world of ethical […]


    Icelandic Jewels

    Since their launch in 1999 in Reykjavík, award-winning Icelandic jewellery brand Aurum by Guðbjörg is a company that has consistently demonstrated high standards of environmental responsibility, community involvement and integrity. More than just a name, it is a philosophy: it stands for Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness. Founder and designer Guðbjörg’s ethos is based on several […]



    We are a small sustainable fashion brand based in Transylvania, Romania. Our aim is to create long lasting, high quality, comfortable, sustainable and thoughtfully made clothes for women seeking intentional and authentic living.  Our collections are defined by natural materials, comfortable designs and quality craftsmanship so most of the items we create have a very long […]


    No Barriers

    We caught up with founder Clare of Confident Tiger, a brand with no barriers that celebrate your body! What led you to create Confident Tiger? My bra broke during the lockdown and trying to find a new one was an absolute nightmare. Having larger breasts, it’s hard enough to find a bra that’s flattering on […]



    The female-founded fashion brand creating modern accessories for urban nomads. Cuitu was created with the purpose of developing the most sustainable practices to produce ready-to-wear fashion. The Finnish brand utilize various leftover fabrics streams, such as using surplus from the professional diving suit production. The high-quality upcycled fabrics guarantee a luxurious feel and look throughout […]



    Robert Ingemarsson founded the brand in 2017 as an antidote to fast fashion and to provide an affordable option in the sustainable fashion space.   Born and raised at the seaside of Sweden, Robert fell in love with fashion at an early age. His vision was to be able to make beautiful garments that his […]



    Buying pre-loved jewellery is a guilt-free way to accessorise. There tends to be a lack of transparency around mining practices, from unsanitary working conditions to illegal mines and low wages. Therefore, for those wanting to reduce their impact on the planet, reusing gemstones that have already been extracted reduces the demand for newly mines metals. […]


    Má + Lin

    Founded in 2021, Má + Lin, a combination of the Chinese and French names for ” linen” is inspired by the big slow down during the pandemic and endeavours to play a part in the “slow fashion” revolution.    Choosing to not follow the traditional collection seasons of the fashion world, aware of the impact […]



    As the festive season is approaching, a lot of us are thinking about giving gifts with meaning and substance, and sustainability in mind. A beautiful piece of jewellery could be just that. We recently came across stilnest modern jewellery that focuses on the slow craft, founded by Tim Bibow.   The collections are primarily recycled […]


    Empowering the Contemporary Woman

    Inspired by conversations with working women The Array is dedicated to empowering contemporary women through their collections, which are designed by research and every garment is crafted to be as beautiful as it is functional. Founded by Yvonne Lim and Shaonan graduates of The Royal College of Art MA Fashion, in December 2020, after being […]


    Plant Faced

    Stylish, bold, and conscious, UK brand Plant Faced is representing a new and innovative movement. “We are the global lovechild of fashion, design, art, music, skate, surf, street, tattoo culture, and a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. We are streetwear minus the sweatshop.” The 100% ethical, cruelty-free clothing range aims to spread messages and start conversations. Fashion […]


    Conceptual Sportswear, Sample-cm

    Sample-cm is a conceptual sportswear label created in 2015 in berlin by the French designer Margot Charbonnier with a dual background in sociology and fashion.    What led to the creation of ? After completing studies in social sciences and fashion (Central Saint Martins London, Duperré Paris), I founded the conceptual sportswear label Sample-cm in 2015 in […]


    Gun Ainm

    Streetwear made with a difference. The UK based brand focuses on luxury streetwear that supports artists. GUN AINM was founded by Glasgow based couple Ella d’Aguilar and Cam Friell. The idea is to showcase talented, independent artists through a different medium – streetwear.    Their first collection ‘DROP 001’ truly showcases the collaboration between design […]


    Wax Sculptures

    Expressing our style through interior is something we have been doing for centuries, using colours, textures, and materials to build up our homes. Over the last year, we have seen some insanely creative and sculptural candles be created. Body candles, cloud candles, and more, but what we recently have discovered is Ann Vincent’s work. She […]


    Future Vision

    Sunglasses, a true style essential, they may be a small accessory, but they have a large impact. A great pair can instantly elevate your outfit and look, with the best pairs boosting your mood too. The new-comer conscious sunglass brand asteri, does just that. The female-led brand launched earlier this year, the collection focuses on […]


    Keep the Cycle Going

    Circular fashion is a system that considers the lifecycle of clothing items at every step of the process. The final steps in the circular fashion model are crucial: reuse and recycle. While we are all familiar with the selling on Depop, Ebay or donating to charity shops, what would it be like if we could […]


    Isla Risa

    Amid the pandemic last year, we saw some amazing companies, businesses, and brands emerge, Isla Risa was one of them. Founder Emma Garner after she had found herself furloughed, living with her parents in her childhood home in the countryside, and with ample time on her hands. Not one to sit around and do nothing, […]



    The sustainable fashion house that is tackling fashion’s waste crisis. Fanfare Label is a circular clothing brand changing the way people buy, wear & consume clothing. The Award-Winning clothing brand was launched in 2018 by Esther Knight. Offering a simple solution to fashions complex problems.    As most of us know the fashion industry is […]


    No More

    NO MORE is urban jewellery for everyone! Created out of a passion for handcrafting timeless jewellery pieces with an attention to sustainability and quality. Founders Goda and Gintville left their careers to pursue their dream of expressing themselves through the art of jewellery making. The goal is to counter wasteful fast-fashion brands by insisting that […]



    Whether it’s jasmine and grapefruit perfume or turmeric, seaweed and aloe vera face masks, founder Constanze Saemann wants all her products to feel pure, conscious and intimate, like a kiss. This is rather fitting as BASIUM in Latin means “the kiss’.   After working as a fashion model and travelling full time for the past […]


    The Manipulation of Light

    Joanie Lemercier is a French visual artist and environmental activist whose work explores human perception through the manipulation of light in space. Lemercier’s artistic practice is inspired by nature and reflects on the representation of the natural world through mathematics, science, and technology. His creative projections on buildings and landmarks have helped to increase audience […]


    Sleep Tight

    Not Just Pajama is a brand-new take on modern sleepwear. Since being founded in 2015 it has captivated PJ lovers everywhere, with its chic and playful silk designs. The luxurious silk products are seen by some too beautiful to just wear in the house, the PJs have been seen street-styled too! And who could blame […]


    Boots, Boots, Boots!

    Nothing gets us excited about AW style quite like a pair of new winter boots. 3.1 Phillip Lim, £725 Brother Vellies, £750 Chole, £1325  Neous £145 Brother Vellies £600


    The Rotation

    Melanie like many of us has a crazy love for clothes, from which her business Curate & Rotate was born. On a trip to LA in 2015 she soon realised her love of fashion translated to an obsession for preloved clothing. Often finding the pieces she wanted to buy unaffordable until discovering the new pathway […]



    What does conscious consumption mean? At SABINNA they focus on teaching what conscious consumption means, by making and selling their sustainable fashion and experiences through an educational approach. Founded by double-immigrant Sabinna Rachimova, the brand has been disrupting the fashion industry for the past six years, constantly challenging its status quo through various fash-tech projects, […]


    The Sustainable Gift Guide

    To view the full article for free click here


    Discussions with Director of WSO – Paolo Bray

    Earlier this year we got the chance to speak with Paolo Bray, director of WSO. He told us about how he set up Friend of the Earth and Friend of the sea, giving us all the insights. As well as discussing how he sees the future of fashion!   You have done some amazing work […]


    The Sustainable Gift Guide

    Vase, Curio, £420 Hat, Ganni, £75 Bag, Chloe, £1490 Cream, Epara, £105 PJs, Sleeper, £225 Scarf, Johnstone of Elgin, £119 Ring, Octavia Elizabeth, £8300 Perfume, Veronique Gabai, £195 Jacket, Adidas, £170 Perfume Set, Sana Jardin, £30 Jeans, Redone, £350 Gold Necklace, Loren Stewart, £300 Trainers, Vega, £300 Soap, Aesop, £27 Vanity Case, Anya Hingmarch, £450 […]


    Tight Knit

    Shopping local and supporting small is always a sustainable way to invest in your wardrobe. So, upon discovering that naïve knitwear was a South London-based brand, created by Cat, we had to find out more. Cat tells us hows she’s always been drawn to traditional craft techniques, which are by nature inherently sustainable.    “I […]



    Delicious new game on the scene of striking out artistic and rebellious aesthetics – Zydrune jewellery for brave souls is a Lithuanian found brand offering one-of-a-kind limited edition jewellery designs. Based and producing all jewellery pieces in London, in a local designer’s workshop, Zydrune jewellery designs advocate for ethically sourced gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. […]


    Trading Laws in China and Cruelty Free Shopping

    How the changing laws in China have impacted vegan shopping and why some brands have transitioned away from being cruelty free.


    In Conversation with Miriam’s Collection

    The unique collection of bags looking to connect people around the world with “love letters”.


    Digital Fashion & DressX

    Image courtesy of DressX A brand-new perspective to sustainable and ethical fashion: digital fashion. As new trends sweep through social media weekly, fast fashion brands scramble to meet consumer demand resulting in waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and exploitation of labour. Digital fashion allows consumers to create a ‘digital closet’ where pixels replace fabrics and users […]


    Pyaterochka and Coke Team up to Give “Single Use” Plastics a Second Life

    It’s encouraging to see larger companies getting involved in the sustainable clothing business, particularly when recognizable names team up and offer novel ways of getting the word out about living in harmony with the planet. One exciting example of this phenomenon is a new partnership between Russian retailer Pyaterochka and The Coca-Cola Company. These two giants recently came together to create a limited-edition line of colorful and fun street wear made entirely of recycled materials— including Coca-Cola bottles – and feature recognizable logos from popular Coca-Cola product lines, including Sprite, Fanta, and the classic Coca-Cola. The project’s slogan is, “Outstanding Taste,” and the product lines are consistent with the style of each product.


    Botanical Dyes and Prints

    Eco printing and natural dyes are rapidly becoming a key part of sustainable fashion development. Their vibrant pigments are not only biodegradable but non-toxic and non-allergic being better and safer for human consumption and the environment.

    Textile dyeing, using toxic dyes, is the second-largest polluter of water globally, so there is a clear imperative to shift to natural dyes and less harmful processes.


    Ilk + Ernie

    ‘Based in Brighton, Ilk + Ernie create quality, responsible clothing that is ethically manufactured. The female-led team source and buy deadstock fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill. Each season the team purchase, recycle and reuse these fabrics to create sustainable and stylish pieces. Their zero-waste approach to fashion not only reduces the huge […]


    BEEN London

    BEEN London began with a curious ex-BBC journalist passionate about changing the way we see waste. Months of research and a degree in Sustainability later, BEEN London was born. Founder and creative director Genia Mieeva was inspired to create a product using innovative and recycled materials.    The award-winning brand makes accessories entirely from recycled […]


    Maggie Marilyn

    Photographer – Peter Van Alphen. When it comes to sustainable fashion Maggie Hewitt of Maggie Marilyn knows exactly what she’s doing. She has dedicated her entire career to changing the industry for the better. Growing up in a rural, coastal region of New Zealand, Maggie Hewitt’s appreciation for and desire to protect our natural world […]


    Eryn Danielle

    Image via Eryn Danielle Instagram @eryn__danielle Eryn Danielle is a Brooklyn-based movement artist, creative storyteller, and model. She’s an advocate for the use of vintage, second-hand, and fair fashion in her editorial work. “I style shoots myself using second-hand sourcing and/or vintage fashion methods. I do so to show how approaching high fashion and editorial […]


    The luxury hotel brands setting the standard for sustainable travel

    Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia (image via Shinta Mani website) ‘Eco-friendly’ may have always been a term synonymous with a back-to-basics lifestyle, especially as far as travel is concerned, but a whole host of industry pioneers are proving that this is no longer the case. In fact, with more and more travellers across the […]


    Bite Studios

    Photographer – Suzanne Elvi. Swedish-based luxury womenswear label BITE is on a mission to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes. Each piece is handcrafted and painstakingly tailored to ensure the perfect fit. Founders William Lundgren and Veronika Kant wanted to create a label that by true actions could set the tone for how sustainable […]


    Riz Romauli

    We spoke to Bali-based content creator Riz Romauli, who founded SUMBU a platform where she can raise awareness about the environment to encourage people to take action.  Tell us about your sustainability journey, what led you to be more conscious?   Moving to Bali has made me more conscious in every way, but especially about the environment. […]


    Bethany Williams

    Bethany Williams is a UK-based menswear designer, humanitarian, and artist with a mission to create a positive social and environmental change in the world. Since launching in 2017 the label has grown exponentially, gaining recognition from individuals such as Anna Wintour and Nicolas Ghesquière for her work with homeless shelters, food banks, and recycled garments […]


    Are staycations here to stay?

    With global travel restrictions having been in place in some shape or form for a little over a year now, the world has had a chance to sit still, take stock and rediscover local landscapes. The pent-up demand for a touch of escapism may be stronger than ever before, but if one thing’s for sure, […]


    Kalina Juzwiak

    @bykaju Kalina Juzwiak, also known as kaju, is an artist and creative entrepreneur who seeks to inspire and provoke reflection through compositions that stand out for their balance and aesthetic care. Her creations directly reflect the way she lives: the precision and fluidity of her lines are also the discipline and creativity present in her […]



    Photographer – Ali Mitton “Boyish is a collection of sustainable, carbon neutral women’s apparel founded by California native, Jordan Nodarse. Boyish focuses on product quality, fit, and authentic washes to create styles reminiscent of your favourite pair of vintage jeans with an updated, fresh design and feminine fit. At the core of all Boyish collections […]


    The Atlas Works

    The Atlas Works is a collaboration between two London based designers and a traditional factory in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The range is a collection of purposeful products that combine modern design, beautiful materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques. All the glassware is handmade from recycled glass which means the colour and surface markings are unique […]



    New York’s Lincoln Center is Going Green…. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, is being reimagined by celebrated set designer and MacArthur Genius grantee, Mimi Len. The 14,000 square feet of open, concrete plaza, will be transformed into “The GREEN”, a new environment that will invite New Yorkers to relax and enjoy an open, park-like […]


    Farryn Amber

    With Earth Day approaching and talk about the ongoing climate change issues, we wanted to introduce Farryn Amber a luxury eco-friendly skincare brand, who have a positive impact on the environment. Founder Farryn Watts had a mission to build an honest and transparent skincare brand that people can trust. Growing with a holistic upbringing alongside […]


    The Rise of The Pre-Loved

    Why seek out the new when you can revive the old. Luxury vintage re-born for Spring/Summer 2021. Photographs by Ashton Hugh Styling by Georgia India Read more…


    The Rise of The Pre-Loved

    Why seek out the new when you can revive the old. Luxury vintage re-born for Spring/Summer 2021. Photographs by Ashton Hugh Styling by Georgia India



    When thinking of sustainable underwear, the big cotton ‘Bridget Jones knickers’ comes to mind (which is completely fine if that’s your thing), however, you don’t often think that sexy and sustainable coincide. We have discovered the ultimate responsible lingerie brand that is also stylish and sexy. Meet Troo, founded by South African-born sisters Nic and […]


    Earth Day 2021 and all you need to know!

    Earth Day occurs every April when millions of people worldwide show their support for the environment.   Caring for our climate is more important now than ever before, despite all the “natural healing” that occurred during the pandemic while many countries were in lockdown, figures show that global CO2 emissions are now back at above pre-pandemic […]


    Responsible Loungewear

    Set from Christy Dawn.  Last year was most definitely the year of wearing loungewear, our trusty tracksuits and sweats saw us through months of social-distancing restrictions, national lockdowns and working from home. It goes without saying that we are all still loungewear obsessed, not yet ready to give up our cosy outfits. Which leads us […]


    Baum und Pferdgarten

    The Danish brand was established in Copenhagen in 1999 by Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave, after they had graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Design, where they began their creative partnership. The name Baum und Pferdgarten was created as a light-hearted interplay between their surnames, and it reflects their playful dichotomy, which is echoed […]


    The Natural Beauty Secrets with Tonia Buxton

    We spoke with pro-aging advisor, author, and chef Tonia Buxton about her natural beauty hacks that are good for you and the environment. The London-based mum of four is constantly sharing her amazing pro-aging and wellness tips on her Instagram @toniabuxton. One of our favourites is to watch Tonia’s #ThoughtsFromTheIceBath, which you can watch most […]



    Bleusalt truly embodies the natural beauty of Malibu, and the laid-back Californian lifestyle, seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, Cindy Crawford, and Sofia Richie. Founder and designer Lyndie Benson creates collections of season-less elevated basics, inspired by her surroundings the natural beauty of Malibu. She cares deeply about our ocean and planet and created […]


    Less Is More

    The wardrobe essentials you need this spring, that will allow you to create more outfits with less. Buying items that are interchangeable will have a positive impact on your wallet and the environment. Read more…


    Save Our Planet

    Our climate is in crisis and we must change the way we live so that we can save it. Knowing how to make a start on a more sustainable lifestyle can feel overwhelming and daunting. We have come up with a list of adjustments you can make in your everyday life to help you on […]



    As we are approaching the sunshine season it’s vital, to find stylish yet sustainable sunglasses to wear, with Bird we have found exactly that. Founded in 2017 by a family of creatives, three brothers Ed, Lawrence, and Paul each with different interests collaborated on a venture combining business, design, and social purpose. The brothers saw […]



    BOTTLETOP is sustainable fashion at its finest, the British luxury brand is renowned for its distinctive chain mail bags, crafted from recycled metal ring pulls. When co-founders Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman launched BOTTLETOP they had a mission to empower people and our planet through sustainable design and creative culture.  The journey began in Kenya […]



    We all love a brand with a story, and that is just what SUN.DAY of London has, a story!