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For decades, swimsuits have been made from polyester, which is non-biodegradable, bad for the skin, and releases bad plastic-based microfibers into the water. NATASHA TONIĆ launched intending to change women’s swimwear for the better, using hemp fiber.


NATASHA TONIĆ swimwear is based around natural hemp fiber that is anti-microbial, UV resistant, durable, and a healthier choice for your skin and environment. Natasha has a minimalistic approach to her designs. Natural hemp swimwear is designed for those who like to pack light. It performs double-duty as lingerie, bodysuits, or activewear because it is breathable and comfortable enough to wear all year round. It is seasonless and thereby reduces unnecessary waste.

Silhouettes are classic with a modern twist. Everything is dreamed up and made locally in Los Angeles, California.

Rebel Back Front.jpg

The swimwear designer consciously chooses hemp for her pieces as growing hemp returns nutrients to the ground and restores damaged soil. Hemp is a “bio-accumulator,” which means it absorbs heavy metals and other chemical waste from the soil. Hemp requires 1/4 of the water it takes to grow cotton. With the current water crisis, it is important to use crops like hemp that help conserve water. When it grows, hemp absorbs a significant amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, it grows faster than trees and absorbs significantly more CO2 than trees. It is naturally insect and mold resistant thereby farmers don’t need to use pesticides to grow it. Truly a multi-useful material.

All fabric used for the swimwear is purchased locally as well as all production done locally. This way the carbon footprint is reduced and local manufacturers are supported. Everything is made in small batches or certain pieces can be made to order. Reducing the waste of unnecessary and low-priced swimwear is the message Natasha wants to send to the world.

 When it comes to packaging, Natasha packs everything in compostable packaging and reduces almost to zero any promotional material that comes together with it. No extra stickers, postcards, or paper are included in the package. If internationally shipped, paperwork is printed on recycled paper. A well-thought-out packing process with minimal waste.

 Alongside changing the industry for women’s swimwear, Natasha also donates to various causes, 5 Gyres, Tree People, Black Lives Matter, Downtown Women’s Center, and many more charities and non-for-profit organizations.

 To discover Natasha’s full collection visit