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FEB Issue 003  UPDATED - cicco-aroma.jpg

Cicco Aroma believes that wellness and self-care are keys to better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. And we would have to agree, self-love is so important. Their natural collection harnesses the power of plants and the earth to help heal and protect your skin. Creating plant-based solutions that allow the user to feel good on the inside and the out.

Understanding the environmental impact caused by the current cosmetics and beauty industry. Cicco Aroma understands the need for beneficial products with little impact. This is why they meticulously choose each ingredient with specific intent. Using simple ingredients with proven efficacy, that are 100% naturally sourced and plant-based to support the overall wellness of both customers and the planet.

Using packaging that can easily be repurposed is important to Cicco Aroma. By using glass for their candles, body butters, and oils, they can encourage customers to upcycle the packaging to be drinking glasses, to hold new products, crafts, or tools. They also use naked packaging whenever possible to limit the amount of paper and cardboard used.