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We have recently discovered the contemporary homeware brand Collective-Stories and are amazed at their passion for uniting contemporary design and ethical craftsmanship. Working with master artisans around the world to celebrate their crafts, Collective-Stories create simple yet sophisticated home-ware mixing archaic techniques with a modern aesthetic to create long-lasting homeware essentials.

Produced in small handmade batches by skilled artisans from around the globe including Mexico, Guatemala and The Philippines, Collective-Stories understand their social responsibility and recognise how important it is to promote sustainability and preserve the environment. All the artisans that CollectiveStories work with honour the local culture and its traditional craft. This collaboration enables them to access stable employment, which builds a foundation for continued development and better living standards. Collective-Stories work and trade fairly with cooperatives who follow fair trade principles, set their own prices and offer a safe and flexible work environment for the artisans.

Natural Dye Guatemala.JPG

When designing and creating, Collective-Stories ensure that all their products are made from natural materials such as cotton, wool and buri palm. Each of their cooperative artisans work differently – some of them are dedicated to exclusively using natural dyes, based on methods passed down through generations. Others are committed to using locally sourced materials and ensuring that their suppliers replenish what they use in order to prevent the exhaustion of materials in one area, allowing for re-growth in every community. A truly ethical and sustainable brand.