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The Canadian Luxury womenswear brand Delayne Dixon caught our attention by mixing their beautifully crafted romantic pieces with edgy styling and accessories. All of which come straight out of their Vancouver studio, with each piece sustainably handmade-to-order!

Sustainability is at the heart of Delayne Dixon’s principles, as they understand the damaging affect the fashion industry has had on the planet and pride themselves in being as sustainable as possible! Not only do they use eco-friendly packaging, but over 65% of their fabric is derived from recycled materials and dead stock, which would otherwise end up in landfill. They have even created a zero-waste collection, using all the cutaway fabrics to create accessories, which we think is a fantastic idea, and makes us wonder why more companies are not utilising their fabric scraps.

Delayne Dixon go to great lengths to ensure they are choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, such as their leather, PVCand Vinyl, which are all vegan and silicone. They are known for using sustainable substitutes for synthetic fibers such as recycled poly-ester or TENCEL branded Lyocell and Modal fibers. TENCEL fabric is produced with sustainably sourced, renewable raw wood materials. It is certified as compostable, biodegradable and contains no harmful substances.

They are also proudly offering carbon neutral shipping!Although they know it’s pretty much impossible to eliminate carbon emissions caused by delivering packages, it is possible to offset those emissions through projects and initiatives. They offer their customers the option to add carbon neutral shipping to their cart which will be matched with a credible green project close to their location, like a forestry conservation or solar energy project. This leaves their customers comfortable in the knowledge that they have made a conscious deci-sion while shopping.