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Immerging from the UK is By Megan Crosby, a slow made-to-order fashion brand that has taken Instagram by storm since 2019. Bold, bright, and beautiful garments cover the IG page, worn by a delightfully diverse range of models, truly appealing to all who visit.


The brand’s ethos is to create items for fashion-loving women who care about the environment. Every creation is handmade to order using remnant, sustainable, and deadstock fabrics. The bright colours are created from OEKO-Tex certified environmentally friendly dyes. Each creation is handcrafted by Megan working as a one-women-design team from her Portsmouth home studio.


Megan wanted to step away from the mundane “basics in neutrals” that a lot of sustainable clothing is associated with and create something fun and colourful that will bring the wearer joy! Allowing her customers to dress bright, make better shopping decisions, and buy fashion with a clear conscience.



To discover more visit