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A story of tradition and folklore is portrayed in Doussou Traoré’s SS21 collection entitled “The Unwritten Tale”. Shades of indigos combined with various tie-dye prints are truly what brings the collection to life. With tailored silhouettes and skilfully constructed asymmetries. Every piece is fluid, emphasizing movement and expression.

Doussou’s fusion of world cultures, she’s Malian heritage, born in the United States and currently living in Italy. The blend of her backgrounds shines through in her work. Mali textiles, clothing made in Italy: Selected fabrics are craft pieces thanks to the artisanal know-how in spinning, weaving, and dyeing of cotton in Mali. Dyes are extracted from natural sources such as mineral mud, indigo, and other colour bearing plant leaves and bark. Using natural dyes allows a low environmental impact while producing high-quality results.

Patterning bridges between world-class art, textiles, and tailoring. Malian craftsmanship is at the heart of Doussou’s garments. The Sahel, textile makers practice ancient weaving and dyeing techniques to create motifs that spin hundreds of tales. Offering unique contemporary styles drawing inspiration precisely from this folklore.

Producing clothes in a manner that respects not only the environment but the people all along the production chain. Creating collections that are beautifully hand-crafted and ethically created.