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Ecosophy is a sustainable homeware textiles brand emerging from the UK. Ecosophy produces textiles for the home which are thoughtfully designed and sustainably made. Their name cleverly combines meco(from the Greek oikos, meaning ‘household’) and sophy(from Sophia, meaning ‘wisdom’). The dual meaning of ‘ecological wisdom’ and ‘household wisdom’ reflects their goal, which is to help customers make ecologically wise choices when decorating their homes.

Their product range, which is textile focused, represents a symbolic link between a consumer’s home and the natural world. Linking the products brought back to process, from soil and land to the farmers, weavers and communities. Ecosophy understand that the textile industry is one of the largest in the world and has huge potential to affect the world in both a positive and negative way. They want to harness the positive side of this potential and show how responsible textile production can create not only beautiful and conscious homes but have an overall better effect on our planet.


Ecosophy draw from natural patterns and textures and believe that beauty comes from designing with nature rather than against it. For that reason, they choose to only work with natural organic fibres and use natural,plant-based dyes where possible. This bestows their pieces with a beautifully rustic and authentic feel to them. We are particularly obsessed with their organic beddings!

When shopping Ecosophy you can be reassured that you are making a responsible and ethical choice. Their producer partners all promote safe and fair working conditions, and many are fair trade certified. With the exception of their bed and table linen, which is too large for a hand loom, all of their fabrics are woven by hand and by artisans. Using hand production where possible it requires no electricity or other carbon-intensive inputs. It is also an important source of income in many rural communities.