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In the U.K, the most sold perfumes right now are Sauvage by Dior, Bleu de Chanel by Chanel and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Unfortunately, neither of these brands are certified by Cruelty Free International, meaning that their supply chain involves testing on animals. With millions of animals being killed every year as part of the testing process, we urgently need beauty brands to do better. This is where Eden Perfumes comes in; the brand offers cruelty free alternatives to your favourite perfumes. 

Image courtesy of EDEN Perfumes

Based in Brighton and London, U.K, EDEN Perfumes was set up with one clear goal: to protect animal welfare within the beauty industry. The fragrance brand is focused on making it easier for consumers or newly-converted vegans to be conscious shoppers, without having to compromise on quality. EDEN Perfumes even advises customers on which fragrances are the most similar to your non-cruelty-free favourites. According to them, EDEN No. 015 has similar notes to the popular J’Adore by Dior. 

EDEN Perfumes shop worldwide and are accessible to all ethical shoppers around the world. Jacqueline M, the founder of Eden Perfumes, believes that “there is an EDEN perfume for everybody”. Once you have finished the last drops of your fragrance, you are invited to refill your bottle in store or by post. Perfume refills are available at a discounted rate, as a way of rewarding your reuse of the bottle. 

Image courtesy of EDEN Perfumes

We reached out to EDEN Perfumes to ask them a question and Tony, one of their representatives, kindly responded.

What advice would you give shoppers looking to transition to cruelty free fragrances?

“The world has reached a point of no return, the era of wearing leather clothing and disposable packaging is long gone. We need to look at alternatives to help save our planet without compromising the quality of fashion and style we desire. Choose sustainable vegan clothing, choose ethical sustainable options when it comes to food. With Eden perfumes you can now choose your favourite fragrance, knowing its sustainable, refillable (ecological , great quality and most of all it’s vegan and not testing on animals. Go vegan and lets save our Planet.”

To find out more about what makes a brand cruelty free, visit EDEN Perfumes is a fantastic alternative to your animal-cruelty favourite fragrances, so visit to find out more.