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FEB Issue 003  UPDATED -elementary.jpg

The UK has had something exciting brewing in it over the last couple of years – Elementary Scents, a small indie perfumery making 100% natural perfumes. Launched in December 2019 by best friends Becky and Steve, who have taken the perfume game by storm.

Their scents use only the finest natural, plant-derived ingredients, and each fragrance is bold, distinctive, and unisex. Avoiding the bland and boring crowd-pleasers made with synthetic aroma chemicals. Elements opt to create high concentration, totally natural scents that are brewed in small batches. Beautiful scents that are long-lasting and have minimal impact on our environment, what more could we be asking for?!

When receiving an Elementary scent, it arrives in a charming glass vial, which can be re-used if you purchase again, and save you some money. The bottles & lids are also completely recyclable, promoting a zero-waste economy.

When purchasing Elementary Scents, you can feel happy that you have chosen to support a conscious business that is proud to be vegan, cruelty-free, and not afraid to be a little bit different.