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We spoke to Baltimore based influencer Emily all about her conscious consuming choices.


What led you to start being more conscious with your fashion/lifestyle choices? And what have you changed as a result?

I’ve always been interested in environmental studies and it really kicked off in high school when I took an Environmental Science class. Learning that fast fashion brands use unethical practices for their clothing to be made while also hurting the planet with how much pollution is created, I started to make a shift in the way I choose to shop for clothing. Clothing is also extremely hard to break down once it’s discarded and when it ends up in a landfill, our planet ends up hurting from it. After deciding to make a change with how I choose to shop for clothing, I’ve been shopping for clothing second-hand since September 2019 and have been more intentional with what I choose to purchase and bring home. I’ve also noticed a huge shift in terms of my style and now I feel that I can truly express myself through second-hand fashion the way that I’ve always dreamed of.

When did you start thrifting and shopping second-hand?

I started thrifting in 2012, but in 2019 was when I made my full shift to second-hand clothing only for good.

What are your top tips for reducing fashion waste?

My tips for reducing fashion waste is to slow down your shopping. If you’re looking to declutter your wardrobe, don’t throw away your clothing! Instead, donate to a local thrift store or organization in need of preloved items. You could also swap clothing with a friend or family member. And lastly, use what you already have in your wardrobe.

Emily Priscilla - @styledbyempris

Emily Priscilla - @styledbyempris

How do you keep up with the latest trends without over-consuming?

To keep up with the latest trends without over-consuming, I’ve learned through a styling challenge on Instagram to take a look through my current closet and see what trends I already own in my wardrobe. The thing that’s amazing about trends is they repeat. You most likely already have trendy items in your wardrobe, just take a closer look! What brands do you look at for the future of fashion? I’m not going to lie, I’m horrible with brands! I focus more on style than fashion brands because styling is where I feel my talent is best represented. Through styling, I try to connect with other thrifters on Instagram to gather ideas and inspiration to take that into my own direction.

Could you recommend one simple lifestyle change for someone who is looking to reduce their fashion waste?

Use what you already have in your closet! The most sustainable way to reduce your fashion waste is by using what you already have. If you’re feeling stuck with ideas on how to utilize your current wardrobe, try using Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google for style inspiration. Search for outfit ideas based on one particular item (such as wide-leg jeans or blazers) to build an outfit. There are many ways to use what you already own, just get creative with it!