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OCT Issue CF Mag UPDATE3-everypress1.jpg

There’s something brilliant growing in East London: a creative collective focused on a sustainable and ethical path for the future of fashion. Everpress is a curated emporium of original designs, where creatives can manufacture, promote, sell and distribute their creations. By using the Everpress pre-order model, designers only print exactly what’s sold, resulting in fewer T-shirts made, and fewer T-shirts wasted. 

Highly driven and ambitious, Everpress is never complacent and always looking for ways in which it can better itself. Its aim for the future is to be fully climate and water positive, meaning it will eliminate fossil fuels and damaging water practices from its operations. When this goal is met, Everpress will be generating more renewable energy and clean water than it consumes. 

With its impressive ethical aims and unwavering dedication, Everpress is both a fantastic company to work with and buy from. And it doesn’t stop with their sustainability ethos, the collective is constantly striving towards a more diverse and equal workplace. One of the Everpress’ key focuses is a better working culture that will prioritise the wellbeing and representation of everyone; from Black and Brown employees, to those from the LGBTQIA+ community, to those with disabilities.

OCT Issue CF Mag UPDATE3-everpress2.jpg

OCT Issue CF Mag UPDATE3-everpress3.jpg