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As promised, we are bringing to you a rundown of the best and brightest stars of Ukrainian fashion. Although, first it is imperative that we discuss the reason why it is important for us to bring your attention to these brands.


Upon the full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the government issued martial law to ensure the safety of its citizens. After the first missiles hit Ukraine at approximately 4 in the morning on February 24th, businesses did not reopen that following day and remained closed throughout the first few weeks of the war. However, the resilience of the Ukrainian people persevered, evidently supported by their need to feed their families, and the first of the brave began reopening their establishments just several weeks after the first attack. Not all, however, have been as fortunate to be employed at a business that has reopened. For instance, retail stores remain partially closed to this day. Therefore, not everyone is being paid their wage, and most have been fired or laid off. As could be expected, the economy is running at an all-time low.

Although the basic economic health of Ukraine is not the only incentive that might drive you towards supporting Ukrainian businesses. Perhaps a story of unity and resistance might ignite the desire to help propel their efforts to a new level as well. The Ukrainian people have become incredibly united as a cause of the war, people from all across the country set up humanitarian aid points, donation channels, and anything more which could help those who were hit hardest by the war. Having a stable income for these people not only places food on their table but will make this process a lot more successful as well.


Now on to the fun part, let’s do some socio-political shopping!


  • Poustovit and Support by Poustovit: These two labels were founded by Lilia Poustovit the crowned mother of Ukrainian fashion. She opens every fashion week since the start, and her presence in the closets of Ukrainian fashionistas, and A-list celebrities is uncanny.
    1. Poustovit: this label is synonymous with elegance, nature, and patriotism. The brand focus is mainly on iconic dresses.  The designer is set on reflecting her personal appreciation of sensuality and comfort through her designs. Not to mention she vows to never let any clothing item go to waste a sustainable pledge.
    2. Support by Poustovit: a sister label to the previously mentioned Poustovit, with a contrasting street style aesthetic. This brand is special because it has dedicated itself to charitable causes within Ukraine hence the name support. Most notably it has directed its profits toward children displaced by the attack on the eastern region of Ukraine in 2014.
  • Gunia Project: Gunia is a young brand with grand potential. A search for candles, home items, headscarves, and pajamas ends here. These are items for the home infused with culture and tradition, they are a great way to discover the symbolism of ancient Ukraine. Gunia Project commits to sustainability through the sourcing of locally naturally and ethically derived Ukrainian clay

  • Guzema: this is where you find the most elegant, and timeless jewelry pieces. Guzema aims to use recycled metals as its sustainability pledge. Guzema designs are instilled with a classical-modernist style that pushes creative boundaries.
  • Oberig: The literal translation of this brand means ‘protection’ if you are a believer that jewelry can be bonding, protective and even spiritual. This brand is for you.
  • My Sleeping Gypsy: If you have been thinking about a way to spice up your wardrobe with something very original – try out a Ukrainian traditional shirt called the Vyshyvanka. You will find that these tops will really provide you with a never-before-seen aesthetic, and yet remain priced very comfortably.

  • Sleeper: You have most likely seen this sleeper ensemble on a celebrity without realizing it is a Ukrainian brand. This label is all about effortless chic fashion. Sleeper is committed to using responsibly sourced linen, with non-harmful linen treatments.

  • Ruslan Baginski: If you are searching for a high-quality unique headpiece Ruslan is the man for the job. His products can be found on Farfetch, MatchesFashion, Mytheresa, as well as his own site.
  • Kachorovska: A shoe brand that combines trends, comfort, and quality in the best way possible. Trust that this shoewear will become a jewel-like touch to your day-to-day and going-out looks.
  • J’ammemme: Get this… handcrafted piece of art – but one you can wear. Or simply minimalist pieces in unique colors. Check it out!

  • Vita Kin: the queen of the traditional Ukrainian Dress turned modern. All the pieces are hand-crafted from organic linen. Her products can also be found on MatchesFashion and NetAPorter.


Although there is hope of external injection of money. Some designers have already been proactive enough to host pop-up stores in locations all of the world. However, these instances do prove to be timed and a more permanent solution is required. This foreign injection could very well be you. Your purchases can keep employers paying their workers their salaries, who will spend it on other goods that their family needs, and thus the money flow will be equalized within the country.


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