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Image courtesy of @girlfriend on Instagram

When we think of activewear, often we think of synthetic fibres and materials which are not good for the environment or our bodies. But in the past few years, we have seen more and more sustainable activewear companies entering the market. 

We’ve rounded our top 5 to look out for when you need to purchase some new activewear pieces.

Image courtesy of @girlfriend on Instagram

  1. Girlfriend Collective – 

Girlfriend Collective was one of the first out of the gate when it came to sustainability in the activewear space. They truly prioritise sustainability in all aspects of their business from their packaging to the hang tags on their clothes.

 All of their clothes are made from recycled materials such as post-consumer water bottles and fishing nets. So instead of the masses of plastic wastage left in landfills, they use it for the better and turn it into activewear. They are 100% transparent and have certification for all of their recycled materials.

Image courtesy of @siloulondon on Instagram

2. Silou – 

 From the beginning of their business Silou’s aim has been to make activewear pieces for life. Every piece is OEKO-TEX® certified and performance-tested, this means they are free of harmful chemicals.

Their pieces are manufactured in Italy, Portugal, Lithuania and Belarus. Each and every part of their suppliers is sweatshop-free with no-child-labour policies which were their non-negotiables from the start.

Image courtesy of @ollyollyandco on Instagram

3 -Olly Olly and Co – 
What started as a love of swimming and surfing in the ocean soon became the initial spark for the brand Olly Olly and Co. During a gap year, founder Lauren took part in a regular beach clean up and was horrified by the sheer amount of single-use plastic that she found. Pair that with the inability to find high-quality activewear, Olly Olly and Co was born.

Each of their pieces is made from Econyl, the ingenious fabric made from regenerated ocean plastic. From sports bras to crop tops and ‘Audrey leggings’ which are the perfect pair for squatting, jumping and any kind of HIIT class.

Image courtesy of @sculturaactivewear on Instagram

4 – Scultura Activewear – 

The brainchild of Tasha from London, Scultura is a slow fashion brand that aims to be more than just a business but a platform. They only buy exact quantities of fabric needed for their pieces thus meaning there is no wastage at the end.

Their first collection was made from 100% ECONYL®  which equated to around 12 plastic bottles per pair of leggings. Their pieces are made locally in London and the brand has been proud to support the “who made our clothes” campaign and support their makers with high ethical standards and living wages.

When a customer no longer needs or wants to get rid of one of their pieces, they will take them back off them and will recycle them afterwards. Therefore, creating a completely circular business model.

Image courtesy of

5 – Indigo Luna – 

Indigo Luna is the perfect sustainability-focused brand for all the yogis out there. They are a small family run business from Australia with influences stretching from across the world.

They use natural dyes and inspire their customers to ‘choose well, buy less and make it last’. 
They also place a large focus on the females in their business. They choose to focus on female empowerment, with two of three directors being female along with 93% of the rest of their employed staff.

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