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Found in the heart of Istanbul is the sustainable atelier, Lalipop Design. Breaking away from the tradition of mass-production, Lalipop opted to create their own design studio that would be sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. Knowing the issues the textile industry currently faces, it was of the utmost importance that Lalipop maintained a safe workplace for their employees. Allowing their consumers to have comfort knowing items being purchased have been made somewhere they can trust.

The team at Lalipop work in numerous ways to try and keep the brand as sustainable as possible. By only producing the number of units they need means less energy usage and a lower carbon footprint, and of course less waste. They have set up foundations to upcycle all their leftover fabrics and accessories to avoid waste and stop anything going to landfills.

With their bold and beautiful designs, it’s no surprise their motto is “feel stunning every day”, by wearing their pieces I am sure you would feel stunning every day.

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