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Photo courtesy Global Fashion Group.

Photo courtesy Global Fashion Group.

The race for brands to become fully sustainable, zero waste, and carbon neutral is in full effect—with top brands and fashion companies across the globe working to meet the latest interests of their target consumers. And Global Fashion Group (GFG), in alignment with many of its already well-established values, has achieved one of the industry’s firsts.


GFG recently announced it success in becoming the first major e-commerce fashion and lifestyle retailer in its respect markets to announce full carbon neutrality and use of 100% renewable energy across all of its fulfillment centers.


The brand, a leader in online fashion and lifestyle retail, connects over 10,000 brands—on both the global and local level—to a market of more than one billion consumers through four established e-commerce platforms in THE ICONIC, ZALORA, lamoda, and dafiti. GFG boasts 17 offices and nine fulfillment centers across four continents.


For a brand of this scale to reach full carbon neutrality, is a feat in itself. But GFG has long been committed to the sustainable expansion of its brand—as showcased by its refined sustainability strategy. GFG has worked to offset the emissions generated from its own internal operations and outbound deliveries by purchasing “high quality carbon credits,” from credited renewable energy projects that are based in China, India, and Brazil.


Beyond its offset emissions, all of GFG’s operating fulfillment centers are now sourcing renewable electricity, achieved through ANZ by shifting to a renewable electricity provider. The eco-steps are just a small part of GFG’s larger plan to become a well-rounded, and fully green brand—with the company’s next potential step involving the expansion of on-site solar panel installations at its fulfillment centers.


Jaana Quaintance-James, Chief Sustainability Officer at GFG, stated in a release from the company: “We have reached an inflection point as a global community whereby the impetus for the transition to a low carbon economy is undeniable. We recognise there is much work ahead of us to reduce our footprint and therefore formailsing our carbon mitigation strategy is an important step to support our transition. While the purchase of offsets and renewable energy certificates will not distract us from true reduction efforts, they mark an important milestone in GFG’s journey.”  


Beyond the brand’s achievement in carbon neutrality, GFG has also published its 2020 Climate Report which encompasses the company’s commitment to setting Science Based Targets through presenting GFG’s carbon footprint, carbon mitigation strategy, and key focus areas through 2020 and beyond. Plus, to ensure the brand’s progression towards a carbon reduction pathway—particularly, one that is in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement—GFG is on track to set Science Based Targets before the end of 2021.


The brand’s business releases showcase its long-term carbon mitigation strategy, and also help to mark a key milestone in the company’s journey to reduce its global footprint while managing the transition to a lower carbon economy.

For more information about GFG’s carbon mitigation strategy, as well as the brand’s general sustainable goals, visit