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Image courtesy of Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow is a household name; the actress is a familiar face from Iron Man, Shallow Hal and more. As much as Gwyneth is loved for her acting talents, her deep interest in sustainability tends to be a fact unknown. Despite this, we recognise the actress as one of the most pioneering celebrities in sustainable beauty and fashion.

In 2008, Gwyneth launched Goop. The brand is her baby, and it was introduced through newsletter form, offering advice and tips about wellness, food, beauty and fashion. Fast forward to 2022, Goop has an online shop, where products from vetted sustainable brands can be found, along with Goop’s own products. Many of Goop’s shoppers may be Gwyneth fans and not be aware of how to check how sustainable a brand is. Therefore, we appreciate such a well-known celebrity making it easier for customers to shop green.

Image courtesy of Goop

Goop has been known to release capsule wardrobes in the past. The brand created a collection of fourteen multipurpose clothing items that would be appropriate throughout the week, no matter the occasion. From one angle, buying fourteen new items to create your capsule wardrobe is not the best way to be sustainable, as it encourages bulk buying clothes. However, Goop’s capsule wardrobe is useful in showing customers what kind of items could work together in a capsule wardrobe. This can be recreated at home with garments already in their wardrobe.

To visit Goop, click here.