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Image courtesy of Style Rave.

Fellow make-up junkies (like myself), know how easy it is to accumulate stacks of old beauty product containers, make-up bottles and so much more. The majority of all materials that skincare and beauty products are packaged in are recyclable, so before you decide to discard that empty mascara tube or candle jar – just take a minute to clean out the product containers you have lying around, and read on to find out how you can you can upcycle your beauty product packaging into something brand new.

Spray Bottles

Products such as setting sprays, facial mists and perfumes are typically housed in bottles with nozzles that you are able to easily unscrew, and can be reused to make your own DIY leave-in spray (just fill with water and conditioner), a marinade to spray on your food before cooking, a mist to water house plants, or fill them with your favourite laundry detergent to target tough stains.

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