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Photo courtesy IMARAIS.

Photo courtesy IMARAIS.

If you’re a regular scroller on TikTok, an engaged contributor to the baffling conversations on NBA Twitter or just a human being on the Internet who somehow falls at the intersection of both of those things, odds are you’re familiar with Sommer Ray—a famous model and social media influencer whose inimitable style, beauty and charisma for fitness has garnered the attention of over 26 million users on Instagram (and counting). 


While it’s impossible to pinpoint what exactly Ray is most known for, it’s her thoughtful business ventures that have managed to set the 24-year-old apart from her other more notable counterparts—with IMARAIS Beauty proving to be a particularly special project.


IMARAIS Beauty is a first-of-its-kind beauty brand that relies on sugar-free skin care gummies, which – at least according to the website – represents “the intersection of health, inclusivity, self-care and sustainability.”


Through plant-based micronutrients, the gummies work to brighten, tighten and restore the balance of skin through more substance-based approaches.


Contrary to other current skin care brands which focus solely on topical elements – often treating skin conditions and ailments through ointments, oils and prescription solutions – IMARAIS presents an alternative approach by addressing inconsistencies within the body, to ultimately deliver healthier and more youthful looking skin.


In many ways, Ray’s own experiences with fitness and health were bottled into these gummy capsules, as the hybrid model-influencer, social star has channeled much of her attention these days into the IMARAIS brand.


In an interview with Forbes, Ray described the parallels between the beginning of her career to where she is now, as such: “I feel like I was a pioneer in what I do on social media. I like to start revolutions. I like to be the leader. That’s also what IMARAIS Beauty stands for. I just like to do things I believe in and I follow my heart.”


The brand’s staple product is GLOW – vegan and sugar-free skin care ingestibles that act as a dietary supplement. The three active ingredients within each gummy is marine algae, a vegan-sourced squalene, and a form of Vitamin C. Shoppers can order a one-month supply of the product – which includes 60 gummies – and the enjoy the sweet, fruitful lemon flavoring, while nourishing their skin in the process.


To see the best results, users simply need to take two gummies each day—and their recommended to take them during timeframes which align with a pre-existing skin care routine.


Beyond the sustainable and plant-based elements incorporated into the brand, IMARAIS also boasts a special progressiveness to it in its audience demographic alone. As advertised across the brand’s website, social media and just about everywhere else that the name is tied to, IMARAIS is an inclusive skin care line which accommodates both men and women. Thanks to the company’s clean make and transparent approaches, literally anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of IMARAIS Beauty.


For more information on Sommer Ray, IMARAIS Beauty and to purchase the famed ingestible skin care supplements from the company, visit