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Miriam’s Collection creates beautifully unique bags, that are known as “love letters”. Founded last year, the collection has connected people around the world and the bags represent a gift from one person to another. Every bag takes inspiration from a different place, using one-off discarded materials collected from travels around the world. We had the pleasure of interviewing its founder, Miriam Ponce, to learn more about how the brand strives towards sustainability and creativity.

Image courtesy of Nicolas DEMARE from Nidimages

Where do you source materials from?

I love walking the streets of the city where I live or visit. I come across ateliers where they work with fabric. Some of them do not know what to do with the remains of the new fabrics that they use and I free them from those pieces. Then, I select the qualitative ones such as merino wools from Austria, shetland wools from Scotland, patterns signed by French and British designers, colourful themes from Spain, embroidered tulles from France & Germany, upholstery textiles from Denmark. Finally, I use the selected pieces by applying them to my bags according to my inspiration. It happens to me also to inherit some garments made of precious silks or ethnic prints that I can up-cycle and apply to my bags.

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