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Slow Garments is a small fashion collection run that has put the planet first since opening just before the pandemic in 2020. When entering into the sphere of sustainable fashion, using greener fabrics was at the forefront of what makes Slow Garments special. Sustainable can be sexy, and Slow Garments’ founder, Tiffany, uses TENCEL Lyocell fabric for her beautiful, handmade lingerie. TENCEL Lyocell is created through a closed-loop process which is known for producing less waste as well as using less energy.

Image courtesy of Slow Garments

At Contemporary Fashion, it’s important that we uncover who made your clothes. The people behind small, sustainable fashion brands are inspiring to those of us looking to wear more environmentally-friendly garments. This week, we spoke with Tiffany from Slow Garments to gain her perspective on sustainable fashion.

What steps have you taken to become an ethical designer?

“An ethical designer? I guess I would say ensure I am paid during the process of designing a garment which can range from 2 days to years!”

Image courtesy of Slow Garments

What is most exciting to you about sustainable fashion?

“Most exciting to me is the prospect of change and being a part of a better future for our future (as humans), and the planet.”

From our perspective, Tiffany also enables buyers to also be part of a better future for the planet. Shopping consciously is a choice and the emergence of more sustainable fashion brands make this decision easier.

What ways do you hope to become more sustainable in the future?

“There are so many ways I hope to become more sustainable in the future from using more fabric scraps to sustaining my own workload!”

Image courtesy of Slow Garments

What are your three favourite fashion brands?

  • Cancer Research charity shop!

  • Depop!

  • Slow garments, of course.

To browse Slow Garments’ collection, click here.