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Robert Ingemarsson founded the brand in 2017 as an antidote to fast fashion and to provide an affordable option in the sustainable fashion space.


Born and raised at the seaside of Sweden, Robert fell in love with fashion at an early age. His vision was to be able to make beautiful garments that his family could afford, however, this was to be a love story of ups and downs. After seeing what fashion was like behind the scenes, Robert soon realised how bad it was. Shocked by how much pollution fashion was creating, he fell out of love with the industry. 


Fast forward five years, Robert found himself sketching away while in the kitchen at a friends and it reminded him of why he fell in love with fashion in the first place – the artistry, the craftsmanship and the creative process. He started to draw, and stitch garments and it was then he started to enjoy making fashion again. 


Ingemarsson developed into a sustainable fashion brand, all products are designed and knitted locally or in their central London studio. Using zero-waste, sustainable yarns and no plastic. As all the products are knit on demand, it means they have no deadstock. Sourcing wool from Italy, from one of the only mills which have full control over its entire supply chain. Origin, traceability, and compliance to the standards of Textiles & Health and are certified and guaranteed.


Alongside their exquisite knit products Ingemarsson offers an upcycling service that allows you to send in old tops which can be embroidered with emblems of your choice. If you want to discover more from Ingemarsson visit,