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Image courtesy of Balenciaga

Gaming and High fashion seem like opposite concepts but could fashion within the gaming market offer a sustainable solution to fast fashion? 

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a discussion hosted by Re:design and Events Scotland where the similarities and opportunities were explored. The online event featured some key players within the Fashion Digital/Gaming market where they shared their opinions and experiences. Some of the speakers featured included: Jeni Allison, Caitlin Goodale, Ashley Wilkinson and Miya Shen to name a few. 

Over the last few years, the gaming market has inevitably increased due to the pandemic. People have been staying home and in need of entertainment. On the flip side this has meant the fashion and in particular the Fast Fashion market has diminished. 

Increasingly we are searching for new ways to express our identity and games are no exception to that.

Image courtesy of Sims 4 EA

So how could fashion work within gaming? For years there has been ‘Cross Overs’ between fashion and games. For example, within The Sims series we saw H&M and Moschino packs. The Sims lends itself to fashion designer input as the game centres around creating your own customisable characters. Gamers often create their own ‘modded’ clothing to sell for use on the platform or just as a representation of their personality. ‘Modding’ is altering of game content done by an enthusiast. 

These ‘Cross Overs’ are becoming more common, more desired and more profitable. In 2020 we saw huge fashion brands such as Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs showcase collections on Animal Crossing successfully.

Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Recently we have seen fashion house Balenciaga release a collection on Fortnite. The collection features in game clothing and real-world clothing in which you can create a matching look for you and your alter-ego.

 So, it’s clear to see that gaming fashion is here to stay and is a great alternative to spending money on clothing that you may wear once and throw away! An alternative that’s becoming increasingly more popular.