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This is our August issue showcasing all things summer and new, although summer may not be the same as normal, the days are longer and the weather is warmer, the urge to get dressed up and go outside is back. Things are starting to get back to how they should be, restrictions are lifting, and some travel could be on the cards, or of course a stylish staycation. The mood has lightened, spontaneous plans seem to be a thing once again, the carefree life we have been dreaming of is slowly returning, and with it are our fashion choices. It’s only fitting that in this issue we bring you sustainable style concepts for summer that transition to autumn’s key looks.


This issue we highlight the amazing world of fashion rentals, our “Generation Rent” feature, styled completely with rental items. A fantastic concept that could be the future of sustainable fashion, we look at Hurr, who even use reusable mailer bags to avoid waste. We speak to fashion blogger Natalie Hale about her thoughts on all things rental, whilst using her incredible London flat for our shoot! Which is filled with a collection of vintage homeware and carefully curated pieces, completely perfect for our “Generation Rent” editorial!


We got the chance to speak to the talented Michelle Adepoju founder of KILENTAR, a brand focusing on feminism and African heritage. Sharing with us her journey as a designer and talking us through the ethical choices she makes for her brand. As well as the amazing Josephine Phillips who founded the clever “Deliveroo” style alterations app Sojo. The app allows customers to connect with local seamsters, select what alterations need to be done and a bike courier will collect the piece, within five days it’s returned and ready to wear. Ideal for a generation who are used to a whole host of services at their fingertips.

I truly hope this issue inspires you to make a positive change to your wardrobe and consider trying a fashion rental service.



Georgia India