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Photo courtesy Latitude.

Photo courtesy Latitude.

In an era defined by conscious consumerism and sustainability, it can be difficult for brands to find ways to set themselves apart and identify new environmental missions. But for Latitude, a first-of-its-kind company that is pioneering the future of the lab grown diamond industry, their story is just beginning.


Launched in June of this year and headquartered in Washington D.C., Latitude has already seen early success, even garnering the label as the “world’s first and only diamond company worldwide to be Certified Climate Neutral and to achieve the highest level of Sustainability Rating.”


At its core, Latitude is hoping to revamp the entire template of the diamond industry by introducing more transparent practices and stricter ethics which will ensure the future is both environmentally driven and still abundant in diamonds.


This brand is celebrated for its ability to offer diamonds that are traceable, USA-grown and guaranteed “conflict-free,” which will appeal to consumers who boast an appreciation for the jewel and the protection of the greater world.


Each and every Latitude diamond is curated via patent-protected technology, which produces high quality diamonds rooted in a long lifecycle of sustainable, transparent and traceable origins. 


While many worldwide brands are working to bring sustainable practices to the mainstream, Latitude’s third-party sustainability certification sets a new standard for not only the diamond industry, but also the beauty and fashion industries as a whole.


Granted through the SCS Global Services’ Jewelry Sustainability Standard (“SCS 007”), the Standard was first developed by an international multi-stakeholder committee and “represents the world’s most stringent benchmark of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) accountability for the diamond industry.” 


The accomplishment addresses long-standing doubts regarding the ability to accurately trace a diamond’s origin and authentic transparency. In particular, the Standard’s empirical Chain of Custody provisions “guarantee provenance with 99% accuracy.” 


In a statement, Sue Rechner, CEO of WD Lab Grown Diamonds, said: “A key focus for us has been on ethical stewardship, and we are proud to be the first in our industry to be third-party sustainability certified – a year-long process that involved a full lifecycle assessment and rigorous audits. With [the] launch of our premium brand Latitude, we answer the consumer’s demand for transparency and inclusivity in our category. The very concept of freedom and openness is ingrained in the brand’s name and DNA – our mission is to shift the paradigm, creating space where one can be free to define and celebrate their life’s milestones on their own terms, and in-line with their values.”


Through the exclusive brand and its corresponding partnerships with top designers, consumers will have the opportunity to appreciate Latitude’s near-colorless diamonds up-close, with an understanding that they are certified as some of the rarest jewels on Earth.


Plus, beyond Latitude’s undeniable accomplishments with its lab-grown diamonds, the company has also managed to offset and reduce its environmental impact by nearly 18x through the implementation of strategic sustainability investments.


For more information on Latitude’s partnerships and different offerings, visit You can also follow along with their various updates on Instagram at @latitudediamonds.