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Photographer - Peter Van Alphen.

Photographer – Peter Van Alphen.

When it comes to sustainable fashion Maggie Hewitt of Maggie Marilyn knows exactly what she’s doing. She has dedicated her entire career to changing the industry for the better. Growing up in a rural, coastal region of New Zealand, Maggie Hewitt’s appreciation for and desire to protect our natural world was intrinsically engrained.


While studying fashion and sustainability Hewitt quickly saw that the industry was in crisis and it needed fixing fast. “It was either turn away from the industry altogether or take on the challenge to build an ambitious, passionate brand that proves protecting people, and the planet is wholeheartedly possible. It didn’t take long for me to come to a decision.” It was Hewitt’s mission to create a transparent brand that empowered people and ensured the health of our planet was at the forefront of every decision. Which led to the making of Maggie Marilyn in 2016.


Only using recycled, organic, or sustainable materials, Hewitt avoids furs, leathers, and anything that may harm the environment. She will often visit the sheep farms in New Zeland to confirm the wool is sheared from happy, non-mulesed sheep. All her clothes are shipped in dissolvable bags made out of cassava root. The Maggie Marylin strategy is even aligned with 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, she has truly and consciously thought through everything.


“Our journey to creating this better world is only just beginning and we recognise that our ambitions are leaps and bounds ahead of where we currently are but having this purpose, mission, and vision is what drives us forward every day.”


To view Hewitt’s conscious collections, visit