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This year, the Met Gala theme was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’. It encouraged celebrities to wear vintage pieces as a way of representing a moment in history. This switched up the usual style of gowns presented, where celebrities collaborate with an artistic director to create a whole new dress. Instead, they looked back at already-made garments, much like we encourage our readers to in their every day lives.

The Anthology of Fashion theme has brought re-wearing clothes into the mainstream. Often, celebrities have been in the news for never re-wearing their clothes, such as Justin Bieber wearing a new pair of boxers every day. After wearing a pair of boxers once, he stated in a 2015 interview that he chucks the pair in the bin. For a celebrity like Justin Bieber, the cost of buying new clothes is no expense. However, even more in recent times, the richest celebrities are re-wearing clothes for a different reason: the environment.

With many celebrities delving into vintage fashion this year at the Met Gala, perhaps re-wearing gowns will become more commonplace at the annual event. Dressing eco-consciously is now rewarded even more than ever, so we are looking forward to celebrities taking the step towards sustainability.